Empire of others. Insects. (6 episodes) watch online

Empire of others.  Insects.  (6 episodes) watch online
This is a movie about alien form of life for a person. Its representatives have appeared on our planet for a long time before us, the people. We are entering every day in contact with them, usually nasty and aggressive for us. They settled in all corners of the planet, they eat our food, destroy our houses and infect us with disease.
This conflict could be called war-2-worlds in which human race could not survive without their enemies — insects, pollinating plants and provide many kinds of food animals.
Who in the world there are more than 30 million species of insects of different shapes and sizes — from the microscopic to the real giants. Using a special filming equipment, unique camera work and three-dimensional computer animation you can make unforgettable journey into their mysterious and indescribable world.

1. Unbreakable / Hardware
2. Manufacturers / Replicators
3. Frontal area / Battlezone
4. Wayfarers / Voyagers
5. Major city / Metropolis
6. War Worlds / WAR of the worlds

1. Unbreakable / Hardware


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