Entering a new modern road from the camp to the mountain town of Toguchin reveal the economic potential of the area TOGUCHINSKY

This was announced by Governor Vasily Yurchenko during the opening ceremony of the new highway "130 miles a / d" M-53 "- Toguchin-Karpysak."

 Photo source:bezformata.ru

Construction of the road from the camp to the mountain district downtown Toguchin was started in late 2010, during the two months was completed first? First stage of construction, and in 2011, one and a half months road builders completed the second stage. The total length of the section of asphalt road connecting the two large settlements TOGUCHINSKY area, more than 20 kilometers.

 Photo source:bezformata.ru

The governor, during his working trip to Toguchin district took part in the ceremony of putting into operation the road.

Addressing the participants of the solemn ceremony, the head of the field, said: "For 10 years we have talked about the need to build this road, and now to the end of 2010 it was decided to start work. Today, all the work has been completed, and now from Toguchin to the Mountain-beautiful road. This is the result of high professionalism of road builders, engineers, ability to use modern technology to organize the construction of non-stop movement. I am sure this road will reveal the economic potential TOGUCHINSKY district. "

 Photo source:bezformata.ru

Then Vasily Yurchenko presented certificates of appreciation to experts who participated in the construction of the road.

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