Europe for their ends near Brest and Oshmyany

A democratic society in Belarusian regions welcomed the steps that made the European Union by prohibiting entry into its territory by Belarusian officials who were involved in rigging the results of the presidential elections on 19 December.


"Who created this system, and he must be held accountable"

With the European Union of Brest in list were Igor Busko— Chairman of the Regional Directorate of the KGB, Sergei Hmaruk— The prosecutor of the Brest region, Anatoly Kiselev— Chairman of the territorial election commission, Alexander Kolyada— Chairman of the Regional Electoral Commission. Themselves, these officials refuse to admit that they broke the law.

The head of the main department of organizational and personnel work of the Brest Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Kalyada Council of the European Union has banned entry to the countries of Europe. The very official, who at the time of the election was a member of the Central Election Commission and directed the Regional Election Commission, said he does not understand these steps, as it did not violate the law, but on the contrary, defended the rights of the people during the last presidential election:

I used it almost was not, simply because I'm not interested.

"I do not know who is on the list and who violated human rights, but I can not speak for themselves. And I did not break, but only on the contrary, sought to protect the rights of voters. So here's what I do not comment. "

The official believes that these steps will not bring any result that such measures are not modern. Alexander Kolyada says, and still almost never been in the West:

"I'm not trying to travel to European countries. Unfortunately, I used it almost was not, simply because I'm not interested. It's too bad, but nothing terrible has happened. "

Valentin Lazarenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Brest regional branch of Belarusian Social Democratic Party, said that officials involved in the list deserved. Observers, the opposition sent a number of complaints of violations of the electoral code in the elections. But the regional commission, headed by Alexander Kolyada, replied that no violations were:

"Who created this system, who have adopted this system, and he should be responsible for it. There are also a number of statements to the prosecution, appeals to the commission. And Koljada replied that the elections were conducted without violations. But this is not the case, because we have a huge number of witnesses and accurate invoice. "

Ales Fur of Kobrin believes that the list of banned officials should be expanded. Senior officials have ordered officials to the lower level, which is locally run these commands:

"Should be in the list of officials of the mountains and executive committees. Be sure to have the sanctions for these officials and deputies. Next in the list should be extended and the leaders of ideological divisions. And not only from paradise-minute city executive committees, but also those who work in enterprises. "

Gomel Oblast

"Belarusian officials ignore European values. Why would they then Europe? "

The list of officials who are banned from visiting EU countries, were the chairman of the regional electoral commission Nicholas Stosh, prosecutor Valentin Shayev, Head of the KGB Ivan Leskovsky, Member of the Central Election Commission Svetlana Katsuba.

Chairman of the Gomel oblast election commission, the director of the branch Belgosstrakh Nicholas Stosh so reacted to his inclusion in the new list of banned Belarusian officials at No. 20:

Twentieth? Yes? Well, for me it's such a nice honor.

"Twentieth? Yes? Well, for me it's such a nice honor. Number 20 — it's in the forefront. Thanks for the info — it was news to me because I did not know about it. But to some extent, I think so, and may happen. "

Gomel politician, chairman of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, and elections observer Vasily Polyakov believes that Mr. Stosh happened to be in the list of Belarusian officials banned from entering the EU:

"Everything that is done during an election within the area approved by the Regional Committee. Of course, without a signature, without the consent of the chairman of the results of these so-called elections are not officially confirmed.

The inclusion of the chairman of the regional commission in the number of restricted to travel abroad — this is definitely the right measure.

As for the other names — and the region's prosecutor, and others — they are all more or less connected with either fraud or the same persecution of activists that took place during the election campaign, and after its completion. "

Constantin Zhukovsky
, campaigner Vladimir Neklyaeva and social activist who was punished by fines and arrest, believes that in the list of banned officials many missing:

"I am not a vindictive, but I think that these sanctions have made sense in the Gomel region to five thousand officials to include in the list. This is — all the judges, all members of election commissions, all kagebisty, every policeman ilzhesvedchyv should be there. And the whole bureaucratic "vertical". I wrote about this and now cry — then the result will be. And what about 158 people — well, they will go to Egipet or something.

There are European values? And if people do not support these values, what he is entitled to go to Europe? If it is good, then let sit here and — ilzhesvedchyts on the court, wrote false denunciations, to convict on the basis of operational investigative activities KGB, which is illegal. If they like it, let it sit there — period. In another way, can not be! "

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