European frozen vegetables

Siberian winter, bound to Europe, dealt a painful blow on vegetable production and pushed up prices. According to the association of wholesale trade of France, some vegetables (such as leeks or lettuce) rose this week in retail and a half to two times.

Ground is frozen, the harvest of spring vegetables under threat. Fruit trees also tolerate cold easily. Guillaume says Segan of farmers' cooperatives in the north of France, which specializes in apples and pears

"Last week it was minus 13-14 degrees in the morning. Monday subzero temperature is kept even in the day … "

Now heating greenhouses farmers have to spend more and more coal and electricity, and they went up because of frosts. Fuel costs — about half the cost of production of vegetables, and these additional costs will be borne too poterebiteley.

Moreover, usually at this time of year fruits and vegetables in Western Europe, in particular France imported from Africa, but now because of the cold weather and snow trucks can not get to the shops.

Difficult situation, not only in France. Thus, according to Confederation of Italian farmers, the loss of the national agricultural sector due to the abnormally cold weather this winter could reach 150 million.

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