Event had to be moved

Event had to be movedPolitical intrigue in Ukraine is still going on, despite the fact that the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ended more than a week ago. Various parties are going to show people that they have come to power without reason and are going from day to begin to defend their values. Of course, one of the best values of the Communist Party is a celebration of great feasts, which are connected with the history of the Soviet Union. But this time they were not able to hold its next event just as they did previously planned.

Thus, in the capital of Ukraine, the Communist Party, including its leader was Petro Symonenko, and several thousand residents, were to march on the capital to celebrate the anniversary of the October Revolution, but they had to mention this idea and settle for the opportunity to spend a holiday near the monument to Lenin.

On the abolition of the march told reporters George buoys, which currently holds the post of first secretary of the Communist Party. He added that they had to take this step because the capital has gathered a huge amount of the radical youth who intended to disrupt the event. As it became known later, the young people gathered under the auspices of the "Freedom", which intends to demolish the existing stereotypes in the way of building a new and prosperous state.

It should be added that in this environment, from the morning to the area of Bessarabia were more than two thousand young people who simply blocked the road. Because if the march took place, people would not have to go through a huge crowd of people. The most interesting is that young people do not violate any rules.

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