Expansion of Moscow — control shot in Russian

Expansion of Moscow - "control shot" in Russian

Candidacy of such a development can only transfer of the capital to the Far East

From the Editor KM.RU. Last week, with the power of the latest debate broke out about the need (or lack of such a) the transfer of the capital of the Russian Federation in Moscow in another place. Marked the beginning of her placed in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" joint article by the director of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician Nikolai Shmelev and his deputy, former governor of Sakhalin Valentin Fedorov. Thought transference contained in this material, has caused a sharp disagreement 1st of constant professional KM.RU Alexei Mukhin. Then the debate joined the "heavy artillery". "I believe that the capital should move somewhere further to Siberia. Well, I think so, "- said the governor of the Moscow region freshly Sergei Shoigu.

Now the debate is connected unchanging creator KM.RU, chairman of the Movement, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, movement and regional development Jury larger. Introduce you to his eyes at the problem.

Statement by Sergei Shoigu, the necessity of moving the capital of our country in Siberia is very timely.

Heart of the Russian Federation was, is and forever will already be Moscow. But the heart of the Russian Federation is now seriously ill. Moscow is not only on the rise eats and kills Russian regions, and in this irresistible winding up and the rest of the depopulation of the Russian Federation eats and kills herself.

Moscow — cause and, at once, degradation of the country hostage. A similar diagnosis is correct for several decades, but last year's decision to expand and tripling in Moscow builds hypercentralization deliberately organized and legalized madness planned suicide. In this situation, but undeniable, and early cancellation of the decision to expand the boundaries of Moscow and the radical change in the socio-economic model of the country for the benefit of the entire population and of all regions, not selected 12 major cities and a narrow layer of the well with the attendants, to make capital from Moscow and transfer her far beyond the Urals.

By this action, we in-1's, save Moscow itself, as the surrounding Moscow region — the so-called. Metropolitan Manila. And Shoigu statement is justified not only because he was born in Siberia, and the fact that the development of the Metropolitan area directly determined by the termination of a capital Moscow. In-2, moving the capital of the Urals will allow to raise the issue anew all the vast expanse of the Russian Federation as our enormous geopolitical and geo-economic resource, not a curse.

But simply moving the capital is not enough. Capital need to move to where now should be the "head" of the Russian Federation, where the country presented the most severe historical challenges and where the presence of the control of the country is an absolute geographic necessity. In this place, where, and should bear the capital, is our Far East.

Moving the capital needed not for the transfer, but for the head of the case. Transfer of the capital close to the Pacific Ocean will allow denote the absolute value of Russian development in the coming decades — Far East of.

In this respect, any adequate reasoning that the capital should move somewhere "in the middle", that she was "in the middle". Do not count the number of a sudden he was hungry "golden mean" or professes the Chinese philosophy of the Middle Way, "that we have not captured the Chinese," and even the need to follow Madhyamake — Buddhist school of the median. Say, this is incorrect — move the capital from the 1st edge of the country to another, jump from one extreme to another, with the latter west to east last. Because the capital to do Tobolsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk or, in the latter case, Krasnoyarsk.

But transfer capital — not an end in itself and not the reason for the introduction of abstract "wisdom" and demonstrate their own "scholarship".

The capital transfer, responding to the question "why?" And "in order to …". So Constantine stately transferred capital to the far small Byzantium on the far eastern edge of the Roman Empire, Constantinople, and later became the core of the Byzantine Empire, the Romans (Romans) in order to save the empire. Andrew Bogolyubskii transferred capital from Kiev to Vladimir-Suzdal Rus', then — the dead of the north-eastern outskirts, in order to see the distance from the strife-torn throne single strong Russia. Peter built the stately capital of the newest "wave on the shore of the desert" to open a window to Europe and to organize the technological modernization of the country.

Now we need to put in the East reliable shield, OUT LOUD, and reincarnate our Far East of the region is very weak, which was transformed into a raw materials appendage of the North-East Asia and the Pacific erected U.S. society outpost and support of, the region of advanced development and even a foothold in the world of development. This will allow the RF head is in today's global economic hub of Northeast Asia, to improve and begin to harmonize the battered country's place, where all the major resources, population and power are concentrated on the latest west of the country, in the triangle of St. Petersburg — Moscow — Sochi.

The challenge for the Russian Federation are not the United States and China, and the remoteness of the money and decision-making of our own, "nashenskie" Far East — while, on the definition of a "heavyweight" in world politics even Henry Kissinger in 2004, "the world is completely new relevant shifts: the center of mass shifts in policy in the Pacific … the center of international policy shifted to Asia. "

To transfer the capital necessary to the Far East and to make such transfer mechanism for starting and organizing the Far creative revolution. In this regard, consider the options of moving the capital to St. Petersburg, Sochi or Tver generally not serious or just in terms of banter and replicas of KVN.

Equally out of place and moaning "truly orthodox" the inadmissibility of the removal of the Moscow metropolitan functions, as this, they say, destroys the doctrine of the elder Filofeja "Moscow — the third Rome." Usually, these Russian sympathizer purity of faith of the letter Filofeja not read and do not suspect that Moscow this doctrine means all Russia, coinciding with the time of the Moscow principality, which they perceived "romeyskoe kingdom," ie, the heir to the empire of the Romans — the Byzantine Empire.

Capital needs to be transferred to the Far East (Incidentally, this is also geographically Siberia, as well as offering Shoigu), with its mainland, in the Amur region, near the town of Free — Shimanovsk — Uglegorsk, 40 km from the launch site of the future East.

The movement promotes the idea of moving the capital and specifically in the designated area for 10 years, now is the time to act effectively. Because we are creating a public committee on the transfer of the capital to the Far East, and proceed to the elaboration of a purely practical issues of transfer of the capital, first design in the Amur region of youth international haytekovogo town in the designated location.

In addition to fans of the "golden mean" and "native
aspens," are wrong and those who argue that the very for himself transfer capital does not solve the problems of the country. "By itself," ie, an arbitrary decision "to anyhow, if only to bear it" — of course, does not solve. But there is no "per se" is not and can not be.

Selection of normal: either capital will transfer to the latest expanding Moscow by making a "control shot" across the country — or to the Far East, that will allow not save Far East, and all over the country and our Russian-Russian-Eurasian civilization thousands of years.

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