First adult white whale

Scientists report that was first discovered adult white killer whale. Male killer whales, which was immediately nicknamed Aybergom, found off the coast of Kamchatka.

Judging by his behavior, he is healthy and leads a normal life.

Prior to that, all white orcas have also been found by scientists, but they were young, including in captivity as whale that died in a Canadian aquarium in 1972.

These observations were made by the research expedition, led by Eric Hoyt, a renowned scholar and author of scientific papers.

According to the records of the scientist in Ayberga dorsal fin about two meters in length, it means that he at least sixteen years, in addition fin ragged, and this may mean that it is a bit older.

Orcas reach maturity at the age of fifteen years, and males can live up to fifty or sixty years, although thirty years is the most common maximum age.

Cause unusual pigmentation is not known, it is usually an inherited disease that causes partial albinism, and a number of medical complications.

We could have tried to do a biopsy of the iceberg, but the researchers decided not to, but to limit a close watch on him.

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