Forgot how to be friends with Russia …

As a prologue:

Friendship — a kind of volunteer relations characterized by mutual recognition, the confidence and benevolence, and based on common interests. (Materials of TSB)

Friendship between nations and peoples — a concept that all artificially soon replaced by other concepts — economic partnership and geopolitical pragmatism.

With remarkable systematically in different circles are generated by the idea that RF the Russians have long time to forget about the once-declared friendship between peoples, discussions about the partnership based on a common good neighborhood, and raise high up his right hand, well, lower it with the words that are printed in the treatment look like, "Well, God be with you, neighbors! "They say, once we got up or continue to take the path okolorynochnoy economy, it's time to make friends with the mandatory cash pragmatism. If such thoughts shift to the prosaic language, then it would sound like this: "Let's be friends only with those with whom something can be economically, sorry, fuck."

It would seem that such an idea does not stick even with the mentality of the Russian people, which, thank God, still remains a core civilization Russian Federation. Well, we are not used to choose their friends based solely on their ability to acquire, any, real benefits. Civilizational this idea is far from the spirit of the Russian people, but the train in the near future on this idea we have is increasingly pay attention to. Why? Yes, even as the authorities of those republics which we used to live in a big country, often in the form of declarative claim that our homeland necessarily want to absorb the adjacent country, to revive the "imperial" component, use of resources and endlessly preying on other nations. Some they say publicly that Our homeland for centuries wanted that to skip the Caucasus Mountains, others speak in the spirit that our homeland is up and sees its western border in some places from Uzhgorod to Tallinn, others are convinced that Moscow pulls its "occupant" paws the treasures of Central Asia …

After these words, even the most long-standing advocates of Peoples' Friendship slowly beginning to awaken the idea to spit on these would-be speakers from the government or the primary Russophobes well, and live only in internal affairs, forgetting about the historical integration, good neighborliness and other cases of past days. But all the bad luck that forces who wrote the script for these would-be speakers from Russophobic inclinations, soaked with South American canned milk, and then sent on their own, so to speak, work.

For obvious reasons, there is no integration with its Russian neighbor does not go into the plans of those forces. Another thing — a full confrontation, the samples do not notice the log in your own eye, but point the finger at the mote in another's eye. The position of the ordinary as the world: Delhi and rule. That's why with all the intensity lasts policy to the typical advice in the address a number of former Soviet republics of the Western "experts" who know all about how to conduct its own foreign policy with regard to Russia. Advice from the designated "experts" are always the same: Our home will never offer business partner on a grant basis — its task to drink all the juice out of you, or is it we — the Western democracies …

Someone in response to such propaganda neogebbelsovskuyu responsible Curling finger to his temple, and someone is willing to seriously believe in the fact that if our home offers cooperation, it will necessarily manifest itself through encroachment on the sovereignty, access to resources and sensitive nor slave system by towards the local population. And after all this stereotype seems to be most severely rooted in the minds and hearts of those with whom we have last lived in one state. Surprisingly, how much time is needed to make the tight fit of the case, and how much of it is not necessary that all the damage and build an entire wall of the fictional stereotypes.

In other words, RF many "partners" put a really clumsy ultimatum: we will "make friends" with Moscow, if that is one hundred percent will comply with the conditions that we are dictated to Uncle Sam and his companions the coming-puppeteers.

New Georgian authorities, who before his election victory talk about the need to restore diplomatically relations with the Russian Federation, as befits a non-independent politicians promptly forgotten about their own same words. Now we put a condition: the actual refusal to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the closure of military bases in the republics, and only after that official Tbilisi, maybe start a movement in the direction of Russia. But even if this terrible dream in the form of non-independence of the designated areas of the Russian Federation, God forbid, would translate into reality, then we can expect a warming of relations with Georgia? Of course not! Group of political puppeteers from across the ocean rapidly toss the latest idea on how to keep Georgia on the respectful distance from the partnership with the Russian Federation.

With all of this some people on both sides of the Russian-Georgian border suffering political blinders, weird way piously believe in the fact that the Georgian choice — it is a manifestation of a higher form of democracy. Say, admire, as in the adjacent criticized Georgia's democratic change of government occurred: no blood, meetings and rigging. Who would have hesitated in the fact that such a puppet democracy can fail … After all strings are concentrated in one hand. Twitching under Washington's manipulation of sovereign Saakashvili, just starting to twitch and the representatives of the party, which celebrated the victory in the last elections to the parliament. How delightful puppet democracy in Georgia, which manifested itself in all its beauty. How can we even to itself, when the approach to the change of power is the presence of the mate who is far outside the country …
It turns out that the request "Vertan back (applied specific style — approx. Creator) South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and then start to read" — another unusual manifestation of bias is the "partnership with Russia … But where, friends, ensuring that to this troubled land that is not brand-new blood will be spilled? There is no such guarantee. Maybe it would be glad to give her brand new Georgian government, but unless there is something directly solves … Tsyknut her side — will again have to implement nedovoploschennye previous master-"bottles made!" Dreams …

In this case, the Russian Federation would be very well determine the parameters of cooperation. And the first paragraph should be followed by: "Oh of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, friends, and forget his puppeteers and send! Themselves have got — got themselves, and therefore, if they want to build a business, let's start immediately with the second paragraph … "

RF diligently begs position to renounce claims to Central Asia. They say, well, why these poor RF Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, he says, we need their internal problems to begin to solve. No, the fact that the lack of internal problems, no one not even going to argue. But there are also internal prepyadstviya that are quite closely linked to neuvvyazkami most of Central Asia. And one of these problems — it is labor migration, which, in fact, is uncontrolled.

Many experts believe that Russia would be better to put the most realistic concrete barrier that would forever compartment flow of illegal immigrants from the Central Asian republics. But historical experience indicates that no artificial barrier situation is not radically solved. Even through the
wall of the stateliness of China took the northern hordes, favorites are without a fight able to "negotiate" with those who have this same wall guarded. Now the situation is completely similar. At least some migratory barrier that is built to stop the flow of migration of unskilled and low-skilled labor is doomed to poor performance. Unfortunately, the corruption environment and then continues to play an important role.

So all the same in this case, do RF? Forget about their own economic and geopolitical interests in Central Asia, and only talk about once took place to be (at least, on paper) friendship between the peoples of Russian, Tajik and other nations? But this is obviously not an option. Given that Tajikistan also keen enthusiasm expressed by China, which already has 40% of the deposit "Pakrut" (mining gold ore), allocates billions of dollars in loans at surprisingly small percentage (1 billion. dollars for 20 years at 3% per annum) for the construction of factories and transport infrastructure, it may soon appear and the option of "We , Chinese, Tajiks means for you given, now listen to our terms and conditions! .. "Oriental Chinese mentality differs from the Russian mentality, which is what we can afford to forget about themselves neighbors in exchange for debt only to the words of friendship and partnership, but China definitely will not forgive loans.

It may happen that the Tajik enterprises, generously financed in China, will be the lion's share of the income transfer their money to donors, but, in fact, to the treasury of the republic income as before will be small. In such a situation, it is unlikely to expect that the influx of migrant workers from Central Asia to Russia decreased. China is simply deliberately squeeze unqualified personnel from Tajikistan, which will double the pace in the direction of Russia.

If so, talk about the need for coagulation programs in Central Asia — for themselves more. In the present case concerns the internal neuvvyazkami without understanding the origins of some of them (including the mass movement) can play a cruel joke. Means to properly approach to partnership with Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, with all this in the paramount yet own good.

Quite a promising business in Tajikistan seen joint projects for the extraction of uranium ore. Exclusively in the central part of the country is now explored several 10-s so-called ore fields and 5 vsepolnotsennyh fields. Given that after the unjustified implementation of large supplies of enriched uranium to the United States in the first half of the 90 new supplies of uranium as nuclear power RF just not prevent, the cooperation in this field with the Republic of Tajikistan strategically essential. According to research professionals "Rosatom" Tajikistan has 13% of the world's supplies of uranium mining which Ultrasafe on new technologies developed by the Russian spices, fully can result in a profitable enterprise with the opening of a 10-s of thousands of jobs for the Tajik people. Income and jobs, training Tajik professionals, plus receive Russian suitable raw materials — a traditional example of a modern mutually beneficial partnership.

Of course, if our neighbors about the friendship of the people trained to forget, you need to cross to the understanding of the economic need for partnership with Russia. After endlessly fed loans and pledges full support from Washington, Brussels or other global capitals, you will not. And if so, then it's time to call our former citizens to, to put aside imposed by someone from the fear of a return to the partnership with Russia, and declare that friendship always wears a double-sided character. Time gratuitous insults and find out reasons for the differences, it is time to draw conclusions …

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