Former prisoners of the KGB and the relatives of the prisoners of the current EU visa ban

Council of the European Union adopted sanctions against 158 representatives of the Belarusian regime, including Lukashenko and his older sons. Moreover their assets in the EU will be frozen.

First of all former prisoners of the KGB and the relatives of those who remain in the dungeons of the "American", which was able to talk, to thank for the fact that the EU demands the release of all political prisoners and to impose sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko and the wide range of representatives of his regime. They believe the international community to the situation in Belarus is very important. But in the subsequent estimates diverge, even those who had just left the KGB detention center.

Sergei Wozniak

That sanctions against the Belarusian authorities were softer than the European Parliament called for, that there is no economic constraints, and only have only visa, a former prisoner of the KGB detention center Sergei Wozniak finds the right solution:

"I believe that this is an adequate response, since our government apparently began to abandon the hard option and began to soften its stance towards the people who were arrested, and most of us to change the measure of restraint. And normally, then, that the European Union and also refused the hard option. "

Natalia Radin

But the Natalia Radin, which as well as Sergei Wozniak was recently released from the KGB jail on bail, said Liberty, that the resumption of visa sanctions against Lukashenko little, and need more economic:

"I am afraid, that the Belarusian officials can it be considered to some extent as an endorsement of the injustice that is going on in Belarus. Speaking the language of facts, then let us remember that the world has made before the release of political prisoners in Belarus only when the United States imposed economic sanctions. Then indeed we all political prisoners were released quickly, and with them were acquitted of all charges. We were also allegations has not been removed from us are still trying to make criminals. "

Wife of political prisoner Anatoly Lebedko Svetlana not as categorical as Natalia Radin, but it also questions the effectiveness of visa sanctions against Belarusian authorities to:

"Visa sanctions have been in reality. Someone they can, and do some influence. Personally, my opinion is that they are unlikely to significantly shift the situation here. Lukashenko himself has repeatedly said that he is to this visa ban indifferent. "

Tatiana Seviarynets

The mother of another political prisoner, Paul Sevyarinets, Tatiana hopes that the EU sanctions and other international pressure on the official Minsk and lead to the release of her son, and other political prisoners and to some positive changes in Belarus:

"Any sanctions are badly needed to stop the current" rampant democracy "because it affects people sit innocent, a country mired in lies. I would like to have these sanctions are even more stringent. In general, the EU should seek and use the second presidential election, and this eternal judge our winner. "

Milan Michalevic

The wife of Alexei Mikhalevich Milan hopes that the pressure of the European Union and the United States still affect the regime in Minsk and the fate of her husband:

"We need to use all possible means of negotiation in order to innocent people were on the loose, and free, and not under house arrest."


Prisoners sanctions

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