Fyaduta not allowed in Vilnius

Frunze Alexander Fyaduta court denied the opportunity to travel to Vilnius to participate in a scientific conference on the cultural heritage of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

This is Alexander Fyaduta told the "Freedom."

According Fyaduta, the court refused on the grounds that it is not entered into legal validity of the sentence that has been imposed participants Square, as the defendants have filed an appeal.

Alexander Fyaduta received 2 years imprisonment with a probation period of 2 years. He under released on his own recognizance.

"I'm bad to such sanctions, as there was not going to engage in any political activities, namely research. Those six months of life, which I have taken away all that far-fetched thing, make me move to defend his doctoral thesis, since I have not had time to finish monograph. Secondly, I spent some time as yet to be seen, and cassation, I can not participate in scientific conferences, which already has an invitation, "- said Fyaduta.

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