Gaddafi regime sold 29 tons of gold

Gaddafi regime sold 29 tons of goldPast favorite of Libya resigned from his post empty-handed. Reuters news agency reports that the management of the Transitional Council of State has missed 29 tons of gold the total price of about billion dollars. The officials said some of the precious metal was sold in order to pay salaries to government employees, and part was sent to the adjoining Niger.

Colonel lasts for hunting. His search takes a descent several riot. "Excellent announcements — we circled area in which hidden Gaddafi. He desperately tries to escape and flee the country. His capture — a matter of time, "- said the official dealer of the Libyan army Anis Sharif.

But despite the presence of disk imaging on where to hide Gaddafi, for some reason it can not catch. Sirte — the hometown of Colonel — to this day keeps the defense. And from Bani Walid, with the elders of which troops of the new authorities are negotiating a week for the following positions besieging released several 10 s rockets, TV channel "Russia-24".

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