Germanys Agriculture Ministry prevents it avian flu

Threat of the spread of avian flu, which was recorded on a farm for breeding ducks in the state of Brandenburg, to other poultry farms in the region and the neighboring regions in Germany so far, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, spokesman for the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany Holger Aichele (Holger Eichele).

The fact that in Germany — in a poultry farm in the district Merkish-Oderland (Brandenburg) — the newly discovered avian influenza, previously announced regional ministry of environment, health and consumer protection. Detections of avian influenza, including dangerous to human highly pathogenic H5N1, repeatedly documented in Germany several years ago. In Brandenburg, the disease of birds with the virus in the last observed in 2007.

As noted by Aichele, in this case it is a low pathogenic form of the virus, which is not dangerous to humans. "Friday night it was confirmed by the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (he is the only official authorized center in Germany to conduct tests for the presence of avian influenza H5N1 — Ed.) … To prevent the mutation of the virus in its highly pathogenic form all livestock will be slaughtered and disposed of in a safe manner. There is no danger to the public not "- said the source.

Responding to the clarification question, whether there is a threat of the virus to other areas of Brandenburg or federal lands, Aichele said that specialized services are already taken all necessary measures to locate the source of the disease. "Threats to the spread of the virus to other poultry farms in the region, and especially other federal lands not" — he stressed.

Outbreaks of avian influenza H5N1 causing serious concern among virologists and physicians, who say the threat of an influenza pandemic, similar in scale to the pandemic, "Spanish flu" in 1918, which claimed millions of lives. However, while this virus does not "teach" traditional flu spread by droplet infection and spread from person to person, there is no threat of a pandemic. This type of influenza can only catch people in close contact with birds.

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