Ghost in the Perm cafe

February 2, 2013 16:28

According to rumors, the room facilities strange things happen. This is not surprising, because the cafe is located on the site of an old merchant's house in the street on October 25.

 Members of the staff say that from time to time at night in the kitchen there is a shadow, they hear footsteps and a nasty cough. However, eyewitnesses suggest that the ghost of "well-behaved and not a bully."

Using infrared cameras, local ufologists decided to see if lives actually, what is the essence of the cafe.

— We were on duty at the cafe from 11 pm to 7 am. During the filming of strange things happen, for example, for no reason, no reason was broken bulb and suddenly the lights went out, — says Nikolay Subbotin from the community RUFORS.

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