Ghost Machine zafiksirovanna cameras traffic police in Petropavlovsk

January 12, 2012 15:55

In Kazakhstan Petropavlovsk appeared machine-ghost.

Strange intruder camera photographed the traffic police in the Kazakh city of Petropavlovsk, reported The police have a photo machine ghost, but in fact it was never seen.

Features embedded in the asphalt, recorded a rate of about 80 km / h The camera had to capture the driver and the car number, but in the end turned out only a general outline. Externally, the car resembles a cross between the first car and buggy.

"I could only see the machines in action on TV, here's a type of sport. And here again, and the monitor at home. Obviously done manually by the driver, but comes with a good speed to 76.4 km / h, where the limit is 60 km / h "- shared his impressions of the senior inspector of Traffic Police Department of the Interior of North Kazakhstan region Kuanysh Jumagulov.

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