Ghost of a Japanese soldier was found in old mine

January 27, 2012 18:06

Old tunnels of coal in Japan for many years are closed. Only when engineers went down into the mine to check the level of radiation, it was found that the tunnel haunted.

A group of Japanese engineers was sent to the old tunnels during World War II, located a few miles from the suspected reactor. The aim was to test the professional level of radiation. These tunnels were used for the extraction of coal in the Second World War, and is now closed: no one can get there. The depth of the tunnel is about 1,500 feet. All of the engineers were recorded by video cameras. Suddenly, all the instruments were given crash, and the cameras like crazy. Later, when they began to review the film, the tape was observed appearance of the ghost soldier. If you listen very carefully, you can hear his voice a couple of times saying "closer" in the video.
Radiation levels in the tunnel have been found in very small quantities, is not harmful to humans, but apparently enough to awaken the spirit of a soldier from the distant past.

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