Ghosts live and dead


The scientists involved in the study of phenomena and phenomena associated with the other worlds, have identified two types of ghosts: "live" and "dead" ghosts. First the researchers attribute to energy phenomena, and the second — in parapsychology.

"Alive" ghost, according to scientists, is created telepathic abilities: one man consciously or unconsciously projecting the image, and the other developed enough to see the image or hear. However, according to quantum theory, the energy of formation of the double, the photon still, what is the status given to the object — whether it exists or does not exist.

When strong emotion is obviously some kind of self-expanding human ability to create quantum duplicate of himself. Usually this is a situation where a person is on the verge of death, otherwise the threshold condition (ready for death, clinical death, serious illness, etc.).

Either this is a situation where a person makes a thought persistently "scroll" their fears. They say because he thoughts far away. In the speech itself, and laid the answer. The quantum image of the "sent" to the recipient, which is going through because its creator. Sometimes it's a visual image (it appeared to me as a living). Sometimes this sound image (I heard his voice, as if he was standing nearby). A case that is transmitted and "sealed" a feeling, a smell, even a favorite subject, owned by transmitting information to the person. In this case, the information that it conveys, is important. There are cases when people suddenly feel the breeze and see the book open at a particular page, a note written with familiar handwriting (which then disappears), a bouquet of your favorite flowers or something that belongs to someone who is in trouble or wants to warn of bad luck .

"Attributable thing" — a parcel in time, that there was no error, and the one who receives the information could identify it. Typically, this is a one-off phenomenon. Or strictly limited in time. For example, who is in critical condition a person "is" to their loved ones, because he was concerned about their experiences. But it is worth it to feel better, seeing the relatives come to an end.

From ghosts "live" ghosts of the dead are more regular appearance. They just do the work. And their work schedule is strictly limited hours. It is known that the ghosts of good prividencheskih places are on the dot. If a ghost comes out of a concrete wall at 12 o'clock at night, it does that all the time. Those who are engaged in the search and fixation of ghosts, know that the ghost has not appeared in a certain time interval, hardly seems an hour or two after the "appointed" time. I would say that the appearance of the ghosts of the dead are "coasting", with a periodicity. The more powerful release of energy was the primary cluster, the stronger the "lapped" quanta, the smaller the intervals between occurrences of ghosts and the longer the time when we can watch the ghost. Time, of course, destroys clots, reconstructs them, but these structures do not break down completely. To maintain the integrity of the ghosts can be connected in pairs, in groups, to connect to their resources of energy emissions from animals and radiation earth and all that is in it is located.

The world that surrounds us all the energy formations penetrated by a greater or lesser density. Powerful clots can watch almost all the people. In the same way, for example, there is no man who does not see in the dark, voltaic arc, forming a blue spikes over the tram or bus. But at the same time, energy clots — the ghosts — can not see everything. Too low power energy to take shape in the image visible to everyone. The optic nerve in some more sensitive, others less sensitive. So that ability to see the small energy vortices and streams of some people is better developed, others worse. Strange if it was not so. Maybe it was unequal ability to see and feel such energy flows and gives the best proof that ghosts are quite trivial object of the world around us, and not an invention of an idle mind.

Cyclic ghosts are not only time, "the publication," but also region, where they can travel. In some grids movement limited to a few meters of land, while others — kilometers. It also depends on the strength of the formation. Low-power ghosts can not exist without constant external support. This fed them are walls of his home, the geological features of the area, the availability of easily digestible energy of people. Powerful ghosts that fixed the swap is not necessary. They carry a large stock of its own energy. That is why this type of ghost clearly seen to have a high luminosity and can make long movement in space. There are ghosts who "pass" for the night the distance between the two cities and beyond.

To the audience, strangers, ghosts indifferent. They can not do any harm, only to cause fear. Although it is believed that ghosts feed is our fear of it and grow fat, this is not the complete truth. Yes, when people are scared, they throw away the outside part of the body's energy, and her ghost can "catch". But just as much energy these entities and get the joy of others, exercise or aesthetic experience. We throw into space every minute of their excess energy. And take it as a ghost feeding. In this they are no different from any other power system. And from our neighbors in the apartment, for example!

Ghosts of habit are divided into several categories: ghosts, messengers, ghost-phenomena, ghosts, poltergeists. From the first two categories, which we just talked about different features of poltergeist manifestations. Ordinary ghosts do not take up two channels — visual and auditory, and poltergeist "works" in many ways. It is based on a very powerful energy release and only in the area where the electromagnetic field becomes unstable. Among other things, the poltergeist is often made up of two power systems: emission energy of living an active person and residual emissions crumbling ghost. That is why, by the way, the best poltergeist — in homes where there is a strong and active adolescents. And as with any additional power grid merged their energy, it depends on the history of the house. When poltergeist moving objects, there is a knock, change the properties of things. For example, normal subjects begin to heat so that they can take up. They suddenly "leak" into the cracks and restored to its former shape. Sometimes seen as a huge closet "goes" without interference through the window, which is two times smaller and narrower. Besides poltergeist can "mold" objects and even living objects (mouse, hamster, etc.). When poltergeist can spill water flows and matter itself, which consists of things begins to "water-carrier".

Ghost-phenomenon — it is not our usual too powerful ghosts who live on the cyclical pattern. Their counterparts, have more energy, manifest themselves as "ambassadors". Usually they have the information that you want to "give up". That is simple: too strong energy that formed when "successful" circumstances (sudden death of a man who failed to something "finish"), convey information about his "business". Of course, nothing and no they are not trying to say and explain. Just the inertia of their behavior is such that the ghost performs actions that are vital to the deceased person. Killed leads to the place of his death. The treasure — the place of the treasure. The robber — where he buried the loot. Writer, put in your own private place epochal work, — to the cache. We perceive these actions as a normal manifestation of supernatural powers, hint or message. But anything other than a routine move, not here.

Another thing is when the ghost "multichannel", that is to say some important words, and reveals the secret stuff. This power capacity is such that the ghost repeats the most important thing to have for a dying man. Final thoughts that raced through his mind just before the end, there were "voiced". But why, sometimes, these words-signs so hard to understand? They incomprehensible to outsiders, to us, that in general they were not intended. We each have to add code in the subconscious mind creates the image of a pair-word. And if the code is not subordinate to the stereotype in a person's life, decrypt it after death is difficult. But a special place among all cases with the messages "out there" are filled by the appearance of a ghost when preceded by misfortune or disaster. This is not a mystic. Usually such things before disaster characteristic cyclic ghosts with long "periods of treatment." Moments of their appearance coincide with increased instability of the magnetic and gravitational fields, and this leads to natural disasters. Nobody do not have occurred to thank the solar flares that they informed us of an impending misfortune in the form of war or epidemic. A ghost grateful. It's so smart, that's it, and once it became clear that the roof of the house is unreliable. But solar flares are doing just as much useful work. They say changing the level of radiation is enhanced electromagnetic field, it will not affect the best way for the state of mind of people and performance of electronic systems. Wait in some "hot" spots occur collision, weak personality kill themselves, mentally unstable people or meteopaty may be injured, unreliable floors may collapse and glaciers falling into the valley. But for some reason no one says then that outbreaks are intelligent and open secret.

It should be noted that in addition to the ghosts as human and animal ghosts exist, or even any inanimate objects such as aircraft or caravels. Scientists also emit so-called hronomitrazhi, ie chronal whole scene.

Source: Eric Melnikov

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