Grandson Luchina Yankees again in the list

Grodno society can not surprise in the "ban entry list" of the European Union surname Leonid splinter, which is close to the top. Retiree Today, the former director of the plant of building materials, five years ago, chairman of the regional election commission.

Brick and Elections

Mr Luchini with enthusiasm once called "the grandson of Yankee Lucin" regional television journalist, forgetting that it was a poetic pseudonym Ivan Nesluhovskogo … Leonid Luchini once appointed head of the election commission "for the sake of liberalization." Previously, since the Soviet times, it has always officially headed by one of the officials of the regional executive committee.

Mr. Lucina still continued to produce bricks and other building materials. The actual organization of the electoral process as always engaged executive committee officials, mountains and executive committees (of course — what specific services), in short, from the Soviet era, nothing has changed. The role of the Chairman of the Commission, if it is not a person with a vertical, like in our case, the more important the wedding general.

And then Mr. Lucina in 2006 becoming known all over Europe persona non grata, hitting the offensive list. Some Democratic activists were not just disappointed they did not know — laugh or cry. Let me remind them to actively campaign were detained, tried, fined, imprisoned behind bars, prevented to go to the square in Minsk. The names of the policemen, who in court "sincerely" showed that the activist Ann in the center of Grodno "cried foul" or not to "urinate", are well known. The names of the judges who were aware that they were participating in a farce, were also printed. However, persona non grata, they did not.


Leonid Lucina retired in November, the presidential elections held in December, at the end of January he was, on reflection, decided to leave the list of banned by entering his name in front of the post of chairman of the regional committee to which he had not had a relationship. However, the name of the new president of the commission — the election 2010 also listed.

As for those who prepare the election process, they have always remained in the background. It is clear that Europe is not oriented in the conditions of Belarus, which is real — it saved the Soviet. They think that the Regional Council manages the regional executive committees, they say — the legislature on the executive. But in fact, vice versa. They seem to that elections conduct election commissions, which are composed of teachers from residential or employees. It is also a mistake. Can not trust the power of such an important matter for themselves amateurs, elections always carry herself, vertical.

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