Grumble even the most dedicated supporters of Lukashenka …

The government promises to index wages in the public sector and pensions for older people. Some of their salaries indexed already received, others are just waiting for the increased salaries and pensions. How do people react to the way the government is trying to protect them in times of crisis?

Vitebsk Region

Increases to the salaries and pensions will be enough for one time only go to the store

District Teacher of the Beshenkovichi George Stankevich expects to recover about 60 thousand so-called index of budget income. The great joy of this prospect does not cause:

"It is such a joy, relative: once went to the store and index no! The prices went up by what percentage? I understand that a variety of products — in different ways, but on average — twice, no less. So this supplement — just go to the store again, but may still not be enough! 60,000 — it is quite funny. This is something like this: "Leave me alone, people! We supposedly have thought about you, and supposedly you add something … . "

1% inflation teachers have added one thousand rubles …

George Stankevich jokes that a 1% inflation added to state one thousand rubles. His fellow teachers is a one-time compensation for long-term and stable price increases almost do not care: they're worried, or selling them to pay for the two summer months, which they have to live up to the next school year:

"Teachers all say:" If I could have given us a great holiday, at least not detained. "And then it can and often give a few months. Last year gave completely, but it was a year before or three years ago that the parts — it's large funds and funds from the state is not enough … If you hold in your hands all the money, then you can do something like that — or you will go somewhere, or something to buy. And no — and leave all the money, as said the water in the sand, yes everything! ".

Vitebsk pensioner Galina have not got that pension, which the government has promised to increase by about 14%. After all, does not expect that this is somehow significantly improve its well-being:

"They took away a lot, and will give detail"

"I do not expect at all that I remember from school arithmetic. 60-70 will be thousands more, they can be one day later … Here in my purse 75000 now, and have until the 10th to survive. So given a little bit, and took a lot. What I supplement that! ".

Galina says that prices are going up every day, and who knows what today will rise in price in the store or in the marketplace. Therefore, it does not undertake to say that he can not afford for the "added" money:

"Well, maybe, buy washing powder … And then he said, has now become very expensive. Aw, now plan something does not make sense! And there are some who are happy," Here, we have also added … . "After all, how many live in the world have to realize that your life depends on one's own — from your particular choice!".

Grodno region

"People have a vague mood '

Aid promised by the authorities in connection with the financial crisis of the least socially protected citizens in the Grodno region has not yet felt.

A teacher from Smorgon district, Ms. Valentina, says that while the additions to the salary she and colleagues did not get go just talk about it. And by the way, with her words, in the teachers this topic is discussed more often.

And teachers often give each other advice on how to survive in this situation.

Woman: "Many people rushed to the farm, planting vegetable gardens, often visited by the village, as even those who have received more than a million, have complained that not enough money. Such plans, that someone would go to the south, to the sea — is near inaudible" .

Valentine also says that in recent times, even the most loyal to President Lukashenko teachers began to resent the fact that he wrote "Sovetskaya Belorussia".

Woman: "Even now they groan: some caution in private conversations complains someone openly outraged, because they receive a" Sovetskaya Belorussia "and read there that our prices do not rise, and vice versa."

Ivan Sheha

A doctor from Slonim, an opposition activist Ivan Sheha also says that doctors still do not receive supplements to wages and that the attitude of people is quite sad. According to him, in recent years, many of his colleagues looked at life differently.

"The Curse of people are talking openly, for it is difficult and hard to everyone"

Sheha: "So far people will work for these wages, and there is more, you never know, maybe that will do it. This is not only for the power hangover, but also for our electorate. Now everyone knows what's what, because each on itself felt. "

Pensioner, Mrs. Joseph of Zelva, did not even want to talk about what retirement is, but only expressed the fact that the soul:

Woman: "Oh … people are talking openly curse, for it is difficult, very difficult, people are moaning. These prices already soared, and he justified that he did not, and the people that supposedly only 1% of the charges against him, but that's not true — it's all lganstva . "

Gomel Oblast

To the prosecutor, "Where is my 13 percent?"

The Gomel region promised by the authorities since June 1, the indexation of pensions conducted selectively.

In the town of Parichi Svetlahorsk district's family lives with disabilities — Paul Davydenko and his wife Eve. Mrs. Eva added in June, tens of thousands, and now it has to be disabled group 2 received 500,000 rubles. Her husband Paul, a disabled Chernobyl, retirement did not increase:

"I received last Friday. I get paid a retirement pension, then I should be additive as 13 percent, Lukashenko promised. To me this additive did not — absolutely no. I'm surprised it has not figured out this time, do not cut, everything remains in place. But supplements — no. "

Due to the lack of the promised pension indexation Davydenko Paul appealed to the District Attorney:

Paul Davydenko

"I called the prosecutor. I say: please razbyarytsesya that in the bureaucratic system in the country. Where are my 13 percent? So right and told the prosecutor: where are they? '.

In enterprises and organizations people are also worried about the promised indexation of wages.

One of the employees of the utility company "Water" testified that none of the leaders has not officially announced about a salary increase:

"No official information is not present, but it is rumored that 30,000 rubles we will add to the payroll. But this, again, at the level of rumor. Officially, no one says anything. Wealth sorely lacking. We have already removed the cash deposits, to somehow continue. Moreover, my wife is on maternity leave. "

Workers' Gomselmash "have not even heard that there may be increasing salaries.

The workers and middle managers of the largest companies in the region, "GOMSELMASH" is also heard that they will have any significant wage increase.

Even before the collapse of the ruble in May the director general of Valery Zhmailik meetings with groups stated that this year mechanical engineers can rely on 10-15-percent increase in wages — and nothing more. However, the Chairman of the Union "Gomselmash" Peter Akhramenko days at a meeting of the Regional Council of Labour and Social Affairs, said that in June, the team have to raise salaries by 30 percent.

However, the workers' Gomselmash ", including the leaders of the grass-roots level, it remains unknown. Says the master of one of the divisions of association:

"No, that is not heard. Told by 10-15 per cent salary increase. It does not cost anything — a drop in the ocean. Zhmailik is collected at Zlin workers and talked about the prospects and the fact that it is planned to increase the salaries by 10-15 percent. But then there was a collapse. "

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