Gun Galan 1868

Despite the fact that the guns were driven first twentieth-century pistols, this class tool not lost, and current, and continues to be quite vserasprostranennym and selling where it is allowed. Giving preference to the very highest reliability in the middle of all the samples short-barreled guns, people continue to get guns, and does not stop them any number of shortcomings inherent in these weapons, no small number of rounds in a drum or skeptical eyes of friends. All the same, anyway, and the history of this instrument is very long, the gun had to stand in service with many armies, was and is a good means of self-defense, is not inferior to veselitelnoy shooting guns, and even used for hunting. In general, the highlight of all varieties revolvers those models which are different from the bulk is difficult, anyway, and the design is most monotonous, but if you try, you can find a really worthy of attention and extraordinary standards. With one of these samples guns I'll try to introduce you to this article. We will talk about the gun Galand M in 1868.

Revolver Galan 1868It would seem that such a tool, like a gun, known to all his own highest reliability and dependability, never had any problems, but it is certainly not the case. Exactly like the other standards of guns, gun appeared not immediately ready for use in a form that is familiar to us at the moment, and the designers had to solve many difficulties guns, before it received the status of a reliable and neotkaznogo. One of the problems revolvers after the start of the spread of cartridges with an iron sleeve was that sleeve the shot could get stuck in the barrel breech. On the one hand, it did not affect the reliability of the instrument, because all these shots took place without delay, but time is squandered arrows in the charge, pushing each jammed sleeve chambers drum was unacceptably huge. To reduce the time to reload guns, were invited to quite a few options that are in the main swayed simultaneous extraction of spent cartridges from the chambers drum when reloading. But many of the options have not found a recognition because they were designed for low resistance of one or two stranded cores, while the sleeve may be stuck and all at once, and they require very large extraction force. One solution similar prepyadstviya engaged recognizable gunsmith Charles Francois Galand. In 1868, he teamed up with his British officer Sommerville patented gun with a rather fascinating method of extraction of spent cartridges from the chambers drum. This gun had a design that stood out not only by the extraction of spent cartridges, in addition, the instrument was also other unique positive things that greatly affected its distribution. But first things first.

From the first sight of this instrument comes the realization that worked on it is not just a professional designer, but a man who is very loved firearm and its work. Regardless of who created and where that gun came out a very fine instrument. That said, this is a case where the reference to spoil anything just unreal. Most first revolvers this design first appeared in England, where it was established their establishment arms company «Braendlin, Sommerville & Co», designated as gun Galand Sommerville. Galan is slightly delayed the creation of this instrument, but by the end of 1986 failed to make the brain release of these revolvers in Belgium under the name Galand M1986. Revolvers were generally similar, differed only insignificant details. Weight revolvers was about 1 kilogram, they got better from the drum with a capacity of 6 rounds 11,5 x15, 5. The length was 254 mm guns, and the barrel length 127 mm. The initial speed of a bullet fired from the barrel of the gun was equal to 183 meters per second.

Revolver Galan 1868The main feature of the tool, as noted above, is a unique scheme extraction of spent cartridges from the chambers drum gun. Himself drum consists of 2-parts — drum and extractor. Frame guns also split into two parts on some of them mounted pistol, the other part consists of a pistol grip and trigger mechanism. All this is connected to between a longish axis between the drum and associated with a lever which in the folded position, acts as a safety guard. So Makar, when moving the lever forward, the front part of the frame with the barrel and drum instruments began to move away from the shooter, quite freely. The last few centimeters of movement of the lever is separated from the drum extractor, which led to the recovery of spent cartridges. The distance between the extractor and the drum itself in an unfolded was a bit more than the length of the gun barrel, which allowed them to take out one hundred percent of the chambers drum, and the introduction of a lever system significantly reduces the effort required for this procedure. Once the case is pulled out of the drum, they could just shake out and install them with new cartridges, for all that length of the cartridge with the bullet was greater than the length of the cartridge cases. That is why working with a locking lever movement, did not occur because of delays utykaniya bullets, but the bullets had to hold his hand from the bottom of the sleeve, so that they are not in the process of loading guns jumped out of the drum, so that some inconveniences were all the same. In the following this dilemma could remove and replace extractor with holes for the cartridges, all the familiar "star" which spanned only half ammo and weapons hidden in the drum. This supplement also has a positive impact on the rate of charge, because with him cartridge cases without the help of others spilled down after removal from the chambers drum.

Revolver Galan 1868A fascinating feature of the guns was that the gap between the drum and the gun barrel with that of the mobile structure was the lowest, indicating that not only the highest quality of production of revolvers, and the fact that the designer obmyslil in his own arms all the details. Gun very quickly became popular throughout Europe, the caliber of its variants from 7 to 12 mm, which is sold on the civilian market instruments, became the armies of many countries, as well as proven to be quite clear benchmarks in sport shooting and hunting. Despite the fact that the design of the gun did not allow the use of relatively massive ammo, the gun rapidly mastered the then market instruments, and many other companies have also set about creating this standard. And the company has not abandoned Nagant that would join the already bolshennomu list of companies manufacturers of the gun.

The gun was a clear reference to the barrel in which was fastened, in fact, on the axis of the drum, but also was moving, this accuracy is achieved by fitting the painstaking details of each separately taken the gun, thanks also to secure the lever to extract the spent cartridge cases for the second part of the box, from which he was not bound. In addition, the mobile part of the frame with the gun barrel had projections that were included in the second part of the frame by making an additional tool mount more reliable. It was important as well, and that the gun had a firing mechanism of double act, making it always ready to fire, and specifically this quality while appreciated the military, absolutely refusing rev
olver with a trigger single act.

Now nail applets. This gun was in service with Russian Navy. This pistol was adopted for service in 1871, and the gun was a bit modernized and had a name already Galand M1870. In the Russian Empire as the gun caught under the name of 'four and a half line-boarding gun. " Delivery of these revolvers in Russian companies engaged Galan brothers and Revolver. In addition, in Tula gunsmith Goltyakov also established the creation of these revolvers, but the idea of the production of this instrument in Russia burnt because our handyman did not manage to achieve the same properties of the instrument, which was delivered from Europe. In general, because of this, no one was upset because the gun broke in service very long. Unfortunately, the design of instruments has not been adapted to the use of massive cartridge, and the properties of the munition 11,5 x15, 5 were obviously missing that would have driven instrument with the puzzles that are set before him. So in a short time with revolvers Galan had to say goodbye, by adopting a more massive but less notable revolvers Smith & Wesson.

Revolver Galan 1868Also, what is the instrument were in service of the Navy Russian Empire, it just tried to push through in the armies of other countries. So the gun was held tests in the armies of England and Switzerland, but an instrument of success there she found, because all of the same low-power ammunition. Some designers have tried to create a design Galan revolvers under a massive ammo, but goes far cannon short-lived, so the spread of these standards not found the, remaining unique experimental models. In general, the age of the gun in the army was short-lived. Although many officers armies of Europe received the gun in person, already a purely personal that says that gun was still popular.

On the civilian market instruments of the same extraordinary popularity got a 9 mm caliber revolver with a short barrel to 94 mm, is also a model Galand Sports, which differed in the presence of an elongated barrel and a detachable folding shoulder rest, which was attached to the back of the arm cannon. Length of 9 mm caliber pistol was 229 mm, "sports" model had a length of 330 mm. In general, a tool for self-defense, though it was effective, but very uncomfortable to wear. That's why data revolvers were extended as a tool for veselitelnoy shooting, hunting and for that, as at the moment, so then, and for many it was a novelty.

Revolver Galan 1868The British, for some strange reason, has not attracted the lever, which was intended to extract the spent cartridges, or rather he thought they liked, but the length and the fact that the arm was doing the role of trigger guard, was seen by many as a negative tool. Later, the British guns can meet in most cases with a small lever that is fixed to the front of the frame pistol. A small lever meant extra pressure when removing the spent cartridges, but it is required not such a huge subject that gun ammunition was relatively feeble. English versions were made pistol chambered Galan caliber .380 and .450. In addition to the UK, the creation of this gun has been established as well in France, where these guns were produced purely for the civilian market in groove 7, 9 and 12 mm under the name «Galand Perrin». The distinctive features of the French did not have a gun, although many point out that the French guns had a circular cross section of the barrel, while all other hexagonal. Flush with this worldview there is a statement that is completely all the guns started to civilian market had trunk circular cross section.

The main drawback of the gun Galan is its relatively fragile structure which is not adapted for use with a massive gun ammunition. Yet the fact that until now remained fully operational standards of these revolvers, shows that it is not really such a weak and had the gun, and was made with a significant strength of the supplies for their own ammunition. So, anyway, as an instrument that was very good for its time, not to mention the fact that the gun had a very exciting design. In general, it should be noted that the problem of Galan decided which concerned ammunition guns and ammunition have evolved just as quickly as the instrument ever since, so it can be said that the decision prepyadstviya was overdue, but the idea and its realization in person I admire .

Revolver Galan 1868

The British version of the pistol
Revolver Galan 1868

Gun in the performance of the brothers Nagant
Revolver Galan 1868

Gun in the performance of the brothers Nagant

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