Half the population of bees died in eastern Kazakhstan

According ul.kp.ru, insects are victims of chemicals that poisoned the locusts. In Kokpekty district of East Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan mass killing bees. According to local beekeepers, the cause of the plague was the chemical processing fields, which sought to protect the locust.

"Hive emptied on the eyes, all strewn around the dead bees" — told "Interfax" Vasily Libikov beekeeper.

According to him, the bees began to die about a week ago, shortly after the plane sprayed chemicals over fields of locusts. During the first days after treatment "bees died particularly active." Apparently, now they are dying because of the poison of the flowers kept for very long.

Beekeepers believe that the dose of chemicals locusts could be too high, which led to the death of the bees.

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