Has Our homeland spacecraft similar to the South American X-37B?

Oleg Ostapenko — gallakticheskimi commander of Russian troops last week hinted that our motherland can begin designing, spacecraft similar in their traits to the South American unmanned reusable X-37B. This unit has been gallaktichesky successfully tested the Yankees in April of last year. Launch took place on April 22 with the Air Force base at Cape Canaveral. Then he caused some alarm, surprise, or maybe even horror in Russian gallakticheskih professionals.

Speaking last week to reporters, Lt. Gen. Oleg Ostapenko said that something in this direction we are working, but whether we use these developments, only time will tell. Meanwhile, the south american X-37B spacecraft spent seven months in orbit, carrying concealed studies, then in December 2010, returned safely to the ground. According to its own essence X-37B is a remotely controlled aircraft similar to gallaktichesky outside the shuttle, but significantly reduced. Most likely, the main area of implementation of this gallakticheskogo system — is the military sphere.

Many in the Russian press notes telling about this aircraft were riddled with dread. And the journalists were asked not completely idle question: will this be dangerous ship of state security, will the X-37B threaten Russian satellite constellation and the probability of a unit with the parts it gallakticheskoy missile defense.

Experts from leading aerospace magazine of the Russian Federation "Rise" Vladimir Shcherbakov said that in the beginning a similar device could be developed for the destruction of satellites possible opponent. In fact, the X-37B — an analogue gallakticheskogo fighter. Owning such a weapon, the attacker can destroy many, if not all, of the enemy satellites that provide reconnaissance, navigation and communication, that immediately makes it weak and can lead to panic. Because very fundamentally, to know why this gallaktichesky ship designed and directed against anyone, at the present time we do not have the exact answer to this question, Americans only alerted the world that are developing new technologies.

Vladimir Shcherbakov believes that with a little bit of high probability, Our homeland is working on creating your own self gallakticheskogo similar South American ship. Faith in it, and then assigns that the Kremlin pays more attention to gallakticheskoy program there, considering it is central to the strengthening of international style and prestige of the Russian Federation, which resulted in the infusion of more funds to the once "dying" gallakticheskuyu branch. Despite the close attention to gallakticheskoy industry in the last few months of her two incidents marred the prestige. So at the end of 2010 on the floor of the Pacific Ocean fell three GLONASS-M satellite, which is not allowed once again to deploy the constellation of satellites at one hundred percent. A February 1 launch ended in confusion on the satellite's orbit "Geo-IK-2." Geophysical satellite, which had to work for the Ministry of Defence withdrew instead groove on an elliptical orbit. On this orbit, the satellite can not do any of the tasks assigned to it.

Is there a Russian spaceship similar to American X-37B?

Unmanned apparatus reusable X-37B

At the time, the mighty Russian gallakticheskaya program that actually came to collapse in the 1990s. The only one of its remaining major projects at the present time working as a "space taxi", delivering cargo and astronauts to the ISS (International gallakticheskuyu station). At the time, the USSR had built its own gallaktichesky shuttle "Buran" which was similar to the same type of South American shuttles, but experienced it only twice before, in 1993, this example program was phased out. In these days of surviving copy "Burana" acts as a children's attraction, which installed in the capital's "Gorky Park" on the bank of the Moskva River.

However, with increased funding programs gallakticheskih Russian scientists have returned to the branch of life. That is being developed gallakticheskih ships nuclear fuel that could deliver astronauts to Mars, also similar to an old computer game PacMan gallakticheskaya gondola, working as a nuclear fuel, which will be able to suck gallaktichesky garbage and can be act as a protection of the Earth from asteroids.

The development of our country gallakticheskogo aircraft might be useful for the maintenance of the deployable satellite system GLONASS, which is a typical response of the American satellite navigation system GPS. Bring gallakticheskuyu group to full strength and to ensure the system covering the entire globe has been planned for this year.

Gallaktichesky independent expert Andrew, son of John believes that hint at the emergence of Oleg Ostapenko Russian version of X-37B is difficult to take odnozanchno. Based on the logic that we have with the United States gallakticheskie applets life evolved in parallel each other, is not excluded. But with all this must take place any demonstration, sound public statements, but for now there is only comments Ostapenko, which may prove just ordinary PR.

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