In Altai Avtoturist videotaped the hell?

February 11, 2013 18:17

Automobile Club members made the trip to the Altai Mountains in the summer of 2012. At the end of travel and decided to mount the film during the installation on the DVR recording of one of the cars found something abnormal. At the fork of a tree a passing group of machines considered a being of a certain dark cloud oval window.

By type faces suggests association with the devil, the devil, or at least devilry. Although some of the witnesses say after watching the video that looks like a woman's face.

Comment on: "Altai, the road from Maralnika to Multinskoye lakes when we were seen anything like it, or just did not notice, but I think it's hard not to notice because when viewing videomateryala from the device, it can be clearly seen something like a dark cloud, centered shape face, as if a window of another world, and who is watching us, if it was something natural, that would be less of image (like the bark of a tree) and a different color, for example if it was a bush or malformation of a tree trunk, but there is clearly edges smooth, blurry, can not see the beginning of a branch that grows from the right of the tree, and when the camera view while driving silhouette does not change, only to increase — what is it? still a mystery to me, had noticed it right away in the Altai, would try to check "

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