In Amur caught an unusual fish. Photo

Unusual fish caught villager Radde EAO of Cupid.  Photo by: From the personal archive

Birobidzhan, September 20, EAOmedia. Unusual fish caught villager Radde Jewish autonomous region of Amur. There is not risk it, reports Trend. RIA EAOmediaso reference to the municipal newspaper "Iskra Xing'an."

That is such an unusual, but, rather, unusual for our places, fish caught in the Amur villager Radde Sergei Shklyado. White, with bright red spots, growths. Weighs nearly three pounds.

Puzzled by all the local fishermen. Not the first day of head scratching: that the fish swam from? This in my time, even experienced fishermen-timers have never seen. In appearance similar to fish deep, sea. By the way, in China, like in aquariums and are paraded. At the same time, it scales as the carp. A carp — fish freshwater. Maybe mutant what? — Guessing. But try it for taste or Sergey or household so long and did not dare "- writes a local newspaper journalist Elena Livitin.

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