In Antarctica, found rapid lake

Rivers and mountains, whatever Muhammad said, "go." However, very slowly — not exactly a mile a year. Nevertheless, it was so fast moves strange group of Antarctic lakes.

Explain it over the ice shelf on which they are based, can not, because he crawls more slowly.

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11 lakes are located on the edge of the glacier George VI — bananovidnoy icy river, sandwiched mezhduAntarkticheskim peninsulas and islands (the Earth), Alexander I. They were first seen in 1970, but only in the past year, scientists revealed their passion for travel.

It happened like this. Douglas Makeyel University of Chicago (USA) give student interns a boring job — digitized satellite photos of Antarctic lakes. Labarbera student Claire noticed that every year the lake change location. The teacher did not laugh, and found that the lake is not only moving, but also make it 5-10 times faster than the ice shelf, and in the other direction!

Mr. Makeyel believes that the explanation lies in the unusual location of the glacier, caught in a narrow channel between the island and the mainland. As the glacier squeezes him in an abandoned space, its edges form ridges and hollows. Lake, of course, are in the trenches. Glacier hit the ground at an angle of Alexander, so that the end of each cavity is stretched along the shore, dragging the lake.

By the way, standing water on the surface of the ice shelf and often means that it is close to collapse, because the lake can expand cracks in the ice. On the other hand, Neil Glasser of Aberystwyth University (United Kingdom) said that George VI Ice unlikely collapse in the near future, as it stabilizes the rocks, between which it is sandwiched.

Dmitry Tselikov

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