In Arkhangelsk reveal the secrets of the lost expedition

September 11, 2012 14:05

In Arkhangelsk reveal the secrets of the lost expedition


In the historical and architectural complex "Arkhangelsk guest court" September 12 will open the exhibition "Secrets of the Lost Expedition".

This exhibition is the year of the 100th anniversary of the three Russian Arctic expeditions to the northern seas — under Georgy Sedov, GL Brusilov, VA Rusanov — open Arkhangelsk regional museum and the National Park "Russian Arctic" and the Integrated Expedition Club "Wildlife."

The exhibition tells of the heroic events of the Arctic voyages 1912-1914. Whose fate is still shrouded in mystery. The deaths of two schooners and expedition team members Vladimir Rusanov and George Brusilov old tired Arctic ice and became a symbol of achievement, heroism and courage for generations of our countrymen remain a mystery and continues to haunt the imagination of generations of young people.

There is hardly a single person in our country, who in his youth had not read the book "The Two Captains" by Veniamin Kaverin. In this book was filmed two movies, created the first Russian musical "Nord-Ost". She infected romanticism Arctic several generations of Russians. The writer of the creation of an image of Captain Tatarinov recalled: "For my" older "Captain, I used the history of the conquerors of the Far North — Sedov, Rusanov and Brusilov. The first and second I took a courageous character, purity of thought, clarity of purpose. The latter — the actual story of his journey. "

It is not surprising that after nearly 100 years, these expeditions continue to attract more and more researchers, and again forced to forage for their remains.

Along with the Arkhangelsk regional museum exhibits on display for the first time will feature sensational finds belonging missing expedition George Brusilov aboard "St. Anna", found in the Franz Josef summer 1910 (excerpts from diaries of "St. Anna", personal belongings, equipment).

Finds, photos and footage chronicles the exhibited are authentic testimonies of the most interesting and tragic expeditions in the history of Arctic exploration.

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