In Australia, data stolen half a million bank cards

In Australia, hacker attacks have been more than 500,000 credit card numbers. Thus, it was stolen more than 25 million Australian dollars.

According to the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, hackers from Eastern Europe to Australia stole approximately 500 thousand credit card numbers. Through these actions they have committed fraudulent transactions in excess of 25 million Australian dollars.

In the Australian Federal Police said that in the case they are working closely with police in other countries. According to the newspaper, we can talk about a hacker group, which is also involved in the burglary and theft of accounts online restaurant «Subway». In the present case, in the theft of millions of dollars, was charged four Romanian citizens and the victims were found about 80 thousand people.

In May, the Australian press reports have appeared that hackers had stolen credit card information from the firms of small businesses, such as Fish and Chips. Small shops hard to protect their computers, primarily due to the weak IT-security. In addition, the system is exposed to hacker attacks stores that are located in remote and rural areas, as well as firms employing fewer than 50 people.

According to the statement of experts, hackers will focus their attention on the weaker security of small shops and businesses, and will not waste your time on a network of larger supermarkets.

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