In Bashkortostan, 4 times more frequent food poisoning

For the three months from July to September, 1088 people received various Bashkiria poisoning. Compared to the same period last year, the number of poisonings in the country was 10% less.

According to Rospotrebnadzor RB most cases are unemployed. Almost 40% of poisoning — women, and 11% — children under 14 years.

Most people are poisoned with alcohol-containing products (48.2%). But compared to 2010, the number of ethanol was poisoned at least 68 people. Moreover, there were 10 cases of alcohol poisoning produce children, including four girls.

Drug poisoning — deadly

For the three months drugs poisoned 14 people. This is 26 cases lower than last year. Among children and adolescents such poisonings have been reported.

It is worth noting that more than 90% completed lethal overdose.

Where people are poisoned more often?

There are areas of the city and Bashkortostan, in which alcohol poisoning products and drugs are far more frequent.

The leader among them is Dyurtyuli, where the number of alcohol poisoning exceeds the national rate of 6 times (!).

Most poisonings identified in Beloretsk, Sterlitamak Dyurtyuli, Ufa, Haybullinskogo, Beloretsk areas and Ufa. In these cities and regions higher than the national level of intoxication level of 1.3 — 6 times.

Treatment — poisoning 

319 inhabitants of the republic were poisoned drugs. Among them, 74 children up to 14 years and 12 adolescents.

Perhaps people have used in the treatment of expired medicines, or did not follow the dosage.

According to experts, in comparison to last year poisoning drugs decreased by 43 cases. And, all poisoned after treatment recovered.

Food poisoning was 4 times more

But food poisoning this year was 4 times greater. 3 months in Bashkiria poisoned 63 people, including 3 children under 14 years of age and 3 teenagers.

Perhaps this is due to the abundance of mushrooms in the woods this year, or warm summer.

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