In Britain abnormally warmer

While in Moscow, cold wind and rains, Londoners enjoy unusual warmth and sunshine. In recent days, the weather in the misty Albion beat one record after another.

Since September 30, the temperature in the south of England reached +29,2 ° C, which is almost two degrees higher than the same day in 1908, when the previous record was set. And yesterday, the temperature exceeded +29,9 ° C, which is half a degree higher than October 1, 1985.

According to The Daily Mail, clear and warm weather in the UK has brought southerly winds from France and the Mediterranean region. As a result, for several days in the south, the air temperature exceeds the norm by ten degrees. British forecasters claim that the heat will last over the weekend and even at the beginning of next week. Only on Tuesday and will begin cooling rains.

While the British and take the opportunity in large numbers flocked to the beach to get a tan in the rays of the autumn sun. For the tourism industry of the island after a not very successful summer it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Responded to the unusual heat and plants: Many flowers have blossomed, as if spring had come.

In Moscow, meanwhile, is already coming true autumn. Today in Moscow +6 … +8 ° C Chance of light rain. Tomorrow will be a little warmer, +7 … +9 ° C. On average, the next week the temperature will hold at +10 … +15 ° C, possible rain. Forecasters promised return of the Indian summer, apparently, is not expected.

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