In Buryatia re flowered rosemary

In the suburbs of Ulan-Ude, the newly blossomed rosemary, flowering period which usually ends in June. As demonstrated by this autumn, rosemary can bloom in October. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Anatoly Kushnarev explains the phenomenon of climate change

— The part of the kidney, which is not bloomed in the spring and left the following year, reacted to the amount of heat and bloomed. Periodically, in our republic such anomalies occur, — says Anatoly Kushnarev.

As we told the doctor of agricultural sciences, over the last thirty years in Buryatia was much warmer. If earlier, for example, in the late summer had to lay flowers, so they do not freeze to the first of September, now until mid-September frost is not observed at all. "Shift" summer upwards occurred for at least two weeks.

As described in the Weather Service Buryatia, warm autumn for our country really is the norm — this picture is the last few years. This year, the high temperature, estimated to last until the middle of the month.

And if in the coming days will be the deterioration of the weather, it was only momentary. What is expected in the second half of October, is still unknown, but it is possible, and then still be warm. By the way, the anomalies, the autumn flowering plants, now is not uncommon for the entire country.

For example, a year ago in St. Petersburg in October blooming dandelions and daisies bloom in December. And this year in Moscow in autumn chestnut and cherry blossomed. In some areas of the Urals and Siberia, apple and cherry blossom, and in the Krasnodar now lilac blooms.

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