In Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod, Kursk and Revda (Sverdlovsk region). Opened kindergartens

The capital of Chuvashia opened another kindergarten. Pre-school educational establishment "Scarce" 75 places opened after renovation, which began in December last year. The estimated cost of construction — 29.1 million rubles. This is the third kindergarten was opened in the city this year. 

The institution will be located five groups for young children. For each group, a games room, bedroom, cloakroom, scullery, toilet. In kindergarten, there is also a music room, a methodical study, study educational psychologist, the catering department with the necessary set of premises, a medical unit. When the inputs are provided ramps for access with limited mobility. 



June 23 in Cheboksary in the neighborhood "Volga-3" has opened a new children's garden. This is the first time in nearly 20 years, a new preschool in Chuvashia, previously held only reconstruction and repair of existing buildings. In 2011, the city began construction of three new kindergarten for a total of 690 seats. By the end of 2013 — early 2014, it is planned to build 10 kindergartens.
In the city of Cheboksary There are about 130 pre-school institutions, which as of June this year, visiting more than 23.5 million children.
Recall that in 2012-2014, in the Chuvash Republic is planned to build 25 new buildings preschools and four outhouse. Another 19 former kindergarten buildings will be returned to the children and then redeveloped for preschool education. In two years, the problem has queues in kindergartens will be charged emphasize regional authorities.

The other day in Nizhny Novgorod, the official opening of the first private kindergarten "pets" in the neighborhood Mesherskoye lake.
It really is a great event for the people Kanavinsky area, because there was one kindergarten, which meets all sanitary, fire and town planning requirements. It is located on the first floor of the apartment building and is designed for 2 groups, each of which can accommodate 10 people.

For children there are all the amenities: locker rooms, bedrooms, game room and toilet. But other than that, the new children's garden has a number of preferential differences. The area around the pre-school educational institutions to make an artificial mound in the summer blooming green lawns, as well as a playground, flower beds and a sandbox for children. Kindergarten has its own nutrition unit with modern high quality equipment, oven by dietary and varied children's menu. There are experienced and caring teachers who are not only able to give children a piece of home heat, but also willing to stay with the children around the clock, if the parents the need arises. Rooms in the room have floor heating system, which is important for the winter period and on the taps and water is scalding protection, which does not pour too hot water from the tap. As for leisure activities, of course, the kids will be there than here to do, because the most beautiful modern educational toys and developmental benefits in the new kindergarten in excess. The founders have provided everything to ensure that children feel happy here. 

In Kursk opened Refurbished kindergarten

December 24, Kursk opened yet another kindergarten. It is located in the North-West district, in a light travel, 7. Kindergarten combined type number 96 for 200 seats. The building was built in 1981 and until 2011 belonged to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The kindergarten of 12 worked only 3 groups of pre-school education, who attended the 83 baby.
 — For major repairs of the building has been spent 50 million rubles, of which 7,000,000 went to buy soft furniture, playground and tehnologicheskogo equipment. The renovated garden completely re-food and medical units, purchased systematic literature and more — told in the administration area.

The new kindergarten opened five social groups for children of families in difficult circumstances. Their equipment in the framework of the regional program "Family Support — Child Protection" Department of guardianship, family and population policy has allocated 5 million. Including over 1.2 million rubles will buy a bus for kindergartners.

In Revda (Sverdlovsk region). Opens kindergarten


NSMMZ building was handed over to the municipality at no cost in 2010, two years it was repaired, the general contractor, LLC "UralRegionStroy." Opening the garden was made possible by the state target program "Development of pre-school educational institutions in the Sverdlovsk region until 2014 ": the region has allocated 15.5 million rubles, the municipality of 16 million, total — 31.5 million rubles.

New kindergarten children will take after the new year turns — a kindergarten on Chekhov Street, 49a, whose building also gave the city NSMMZ. Start its reconstruction plan in the second half of 2013. The preschool will be able to take 185 children. A year ago in Revda opened municipal kindergarten "Sun" (ul.Azina, 80a) with 140 seats, a structural unit kindergarten number 50, and the building of its time, it was transferred to the city NSMMZ.


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