In Chechnya deployed the most modern tanks T-72BM

Tank units infantry formations deployed in Chechnya, have replaced the T-72B1 tanks for modernized T-72BM.

"In accordance with the program of modernization of the Southern Military District on new models of weapons and military equipment in the last year received more modern modernized tanks T-72BM", — the "Interfax" on Monday, head of the press service of the district Igor Gorbul.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense, about 40 tanks T-72B1 posted on Monday, railway echelon of the station to the base of Khankala store in New Jersey.

Gorbul also said that in the past year on the T-90A tanks, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 and BTR-82A is fully rearmed motorized connections in North Ossetia, Dagestan and Abkhazia.

Main battle tank T-72BM is a modification of the T-72B1. Distinguished by setting the built-in third-generation, automated fire control system and a new rocket and cannon armament.

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