In Chechnya, launched Poultry Achkhoy-Martan

In Achkhoi-Martan district municipality within the Republican Poultry Development Program was launched poultry "Achkhoy-Martan."

On the day of start-up ventures here was imported the first batch of U.S. broiler chicks cross "COBB-500" in the amount of 22 thousand heads, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.


The shop is equipped with modern technology that will greatly enhance the timing of the bird. In the next three days, the bird will be kept in special conditions: temperature of 33 degrees and a humidity of 50%. As the poultry houses, chickens, which only two days otrodu due to proper care and feeding for 45 days, put on weight more than 2 kg.

At launch, the new selhozobekta was attended by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and President Mohammed Selmurzaev Achkhoi-Martan district Ibrahim Dadaev.

— The country has several of the same companies as the "Achkhoy-Martan" poultry, but for a long time due to lack of working capital, they were idle. I am sure that the efforts of the Minister of Agriculture CR Musa Dadaeva we can change this situation for the better. With the commissioning of this enterprise, we can ensure the poultry population of our country, and that is important — products will be absolutely halal, — said the deputy minister. — This is not the only company that we are planning to run — he added.

According to the manager, technologist Shirvani Mezhaeva broiler until the end of this year, the company expects to receive more than 1200 tons of meat in live weight, compared with the previous results of a very high figure.

Recall, today the Republic has three poultry farms, and by the end of this year to launch another five similar businesses.

This trend will not only get more jobs for local people as well and high quality products at low prices.

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