In Chechnya, the launch of the first stage of factory farming North Caucasus

Restoring factory was started in 2002 by the federal target program "Economic recovery and social Czech Republic." However, the company is constantly working to stay because of failures in the financing. In order to run the company, additional funds were needed.

This large facility is located on the territory of 130 hectares. Today, the work received about 250 people. The first start-up complex, including two hen house, slaughterhouse, feed mills, purchased the Danish equipment that is not in the North Caucasus. This equipment is able to dispose of all the waste of its production, which, after appropriate processing of flour will be fed to the chickens. Thus, it will be non-waste production.

So far, the plant is designed for 240,000 birds. The refrigerator compartment is designed for 180 tons of meat. Subsequently, scheduled to enter service is another chicken house for 120 thousand head office staff and bring up to a thousand people. It is planned to build an incubator. Note that avturinskaya poultry in the prewar period, provided the chicken is not only the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, but also the neighboring regions. The company was almost completely destroyed during the two military campaigns in the country. The last time the company has issued a product in 1994.

Note also that in the last few years in the Czech Republic opened several companies for the production of chicken meat — in Kurchaloyevskiy, Grozny, Urus-Martan and Achkhoi-Martan districts.

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