In Chelyabinsk, completed construction of a new 110/10 kV

All the main equipment for the SS "Granite" produced by the Group of Companies "Electroshield."

The branch of JSC "MRSC of Urals" — "Urals" to the end of 2010 plans to complete the construction of a new 110/10 kV "Granite" located in Chelyabinsk. The problem which will decide the new object — improving the reliability of power supply. The substation is located on a plot of 0.94 hectares of land at the intersection of Dzerzhinsky and Granite. Power supply PS "Granite" will be overhead line 110 kV "ChTEZ-1 — SS Isakovo."

The main elements of the substation are made in Samara at the "Electrical panel" — a modular package 110/10, the cells SESHCH-63 in the modular building and substation control in a modular building. To date, 95% of the equipment installed, works on landscaping. Already mounted cable ducts, fire tank and oil facilities. The project of the distribution network from the substation is also being finalized. In the future, the substation will not only reliably provide power to the existing customers, but also to connect to the network new objects.

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