In Chelyabinsk, created a tissue to restore hearing

Assistant, Department of ENT — Diseases CHGMA Irina Dubinets with the Chelyabinsk physicians developed and implemented a method to restore the tympanic membrane in people who previously could not hear. With this method were able to hear the world around two hundred people.

People lose the ability to hear is mainly due to inflammatory processes in which the tympanic membrane is destroyed, and eventually the entire human auditory system.

The eardrum is very thin, only 0.1 mm and therefore destroyed in the first place.

Chelyabinsk physicians have taken up the challenge to help such people, and after five years of research have established collagen — chitosan-based tissue material that was synthesized from the Far East crab shell.

First, the fabric has been tested on mice and showed good results, and then collagen — chitosan complex transplanted people. All the operations were successful in humans, and after a while hearing the patients recovered.

At the annual competition "Inventors of the Southern Urals and innovative business leaders" in the category "Health care" Irina Dubinets was awarded first prize.

According to the news agency "Access", the awards ceremony took place in the center of scientific and technical information of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Chelyabinsk region.

According to ENT — diseases of hearing loss, the most common problem today. And every day, when faced with such patients, Irina Dubinets trying to help them, giving hope for the restoration of hearing.

You can not underestimate the contribution to medicine, which has made Irina Dubinets. According to her, the costs of medical technology and its development can not be compared to the number of lives saved.

After all, the salvation of Hearing with collagen — chitosan fabric — it's not a tractor, which came up with a spare part.

Health of mankind — is sacred and if you managed to save the patient from surgery or rehospitalization — is an achievement, and such results should strive at all times.

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