In Chelyabinsk design bureau released devices having no analogues

Put into production six new devices, most of which has no analogues in Russia and the CIS (and in the cost of devices outperform Western competitors) — this is the result of the Chelyabinsk Stroypribor design office for the last nine months of the year.


1. Build on our soil, as it turns out, is not always an easy task. There is such a figure — "heaving soils" — here he just responsible for what goes to your foundation and walls cracked, if not take measures appropriate to the heaving.

In this unit there are no analogues in Russia and CIS countries!

Device UPG-MG4.01 / H "Grunt"— Is designed to determine the degree of heaving soils under laboratory conditions in accordance with GOST 28622-90. Can be tested at the same time 6 samples of soil, there is a USB interface, the non-volatile memory.

2. Next device simulates a vehicle travel along the ground. Need this in order to determine the properties of the soil, which is going to put on the roadway, so that in consequence the basis of a new road suddenly subsided.

Density PDU-MG4 "Blow" and remote-MG4.01 "Beat" designed to determine the dynamic modulus of elasticity of soil and road base by the method of the stamp. Equipped with communication function with the PC with the possibility of subsequent data processing and printing of the test.

Devices are already used widely throughout Russia in the construction of highways. High measurement accuracy at a competitive price (compared to Western ones).

3. The third unit SKB "Stroypribor" — a great thing for the control of "cuts" on road construction. Even today, it is widely used throughout Russia to monitor the quality of roads. In Russia it has no analogues and for world leaders (PQI) unit is a big issue as far beats them in price.

Densitometer asphalt PA-MG4— Designed for quality control of the asphalt roadway. Control of coating is carried out in two ranges: the depth of 25 mm and a depth of 150 mm. The device adjusts the measurement results depending on the temperature and humidity of the coating is provided with a GPS.

4. Especially in light of the actual device heating season and the onset of widespread concern energy efficiency. It is used all over Russia in energy audits. Reveals the thermal losses of buildings and to find ways to save.

ITP-MG4.03 / X (I) «Feed»— Is designed to measure and record the density of heat flow passing through the single-layer and multi-layer building envelope and structures in accordance with GOST 25380, through the lining and insulation of power in experimental studies and in the field.

5. For any serious construction materials compliance with state standards — not an idle question. To test these most matches (so as not to be excruciatingly painful cracks in beams on completion), there are the most compact in the CIS test press from SKB "Stroypribor."

Press PGM-MG4— Designed to test for compression and bending samples of building materials at loading rates, normalized by the relevant standard. Produced during the test results are automatically archived, marked the date and time of measurement and transferred to a PC with the possibility of further documentation.

6. The last unique device in its size (again the most compact in the CIS) The test machine type RMG-MG4— Is designed for static testing of samples of sheet metal and round rolled and welded joints in tension and compression (bending) according to GOST 1497, GOST 12004, GOST 10922, GOST 6996, GOST 14019 for static loading conditions.

The area of application is approximately the same as the previous device — check compliance with the stated specifications.

For the record

September 25, 2013 Special Design Bureau "Stroypribor" was 21. During that time, created a whole range of certified devices for different purposes. Most of the devices included in the State Register of measuring Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. Around 10,000 companies in Russia and the CIS are the users of these devices. Currently, the operation is more than 50,000 devices manufactured by SKB "Stroypribor."

Unique is also the warranty on any device — 18 months! Guaranteed service and metrological service for the entire period of operation.

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