In Chelyabinsk, had a test drive of the first electric bus

Chelyabinsk control electric issued on city roads first trolley that runs on a standalone battery. In the near future Chelyabinsk purchase batch of such cars.


ChelyabGET conducted sea trials of the first electric bus on the road of Chelyabinsk. Electrobus different from the trolley only the lack of "horns" on the roof, and the ability to drive without connecting wires of up to 500 kilometers. Administration of Chelyabinsk intends to purchase 30 electric buses in a trial basis.


As previously reported, "Business district", in late April, Sergei Davydov offered to transport companies to explore the possibility of purchasing electric buses — buses that do not work on diesel and electricity.

"In Russia began to produce trolley buses, which operate not only on the contact line, but also due to the new battery, making this form of public transport mobility" — said City Manager Chelyabinsk Sergei Davydov, pointing to the imperfection of trolleybus transport.

"The current trolley buses are very inconvenient fact that, having got stuck in traffic or finding themselves in a situation where the accident occurred, can not drive around this area", — said the head of the city administration, calling the trolley one of the main causes of traffic jams.

Modern electrobuses able to travel without recharging of about 100 kilometers. Such transport is used in Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia, Chelyabinsk and should experience this experience, said Sergei Davydov.

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