In Chelyabinsk, presented a unique bus and a 100-ton mining truck

In the southern Urals began the production of transport in two directions at once. Presentation of the first stotonnogo off-road dump truck TEREX TR100-RM, collected on the basis of JSC "Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines." In addition, the Ural plant scrubbing equipment created the assembly line production of small buses.

It is planned that the official opening of the plant and articulated dump trucks will take place in early 2013, will be launched when all production lines.

At the production plant in the Urals gas cleaning equipment, who moved to Chelyabinsk, opened an assembly production of small-sized buses. Currently, a pilot sample with a rear engine produced and successfully passed certification tests at the test site in the suburban U.S. Dmitrov.

 The new bus is designed for owners of taxis. Its estimated price is about 1.7 million. Launching the new model into production is estimated at 260 million rubles.


"Chelyabinsk Region has always been famous not only metallurgy but also a powerful machine building. As part of that policy, which currently holds the head of the region to localize global manufacturers of mechanical engineering, the arrival of such a player — a very significant event, "- said the deputy governor Yury Klepov in his welcoming speech at the presentation of the car.

The presentation was also attended by Director of the flagship plant «TEREX» in Scotland Steve Fillipov and director of "RM-Terex" on the English side, Joseph Crider.

Note the official opening of the plant for the production of mining and articulated dump trucks will take place in early 2013, will be launched when all production lines. In the first year of the planned production of 30 cars, and when you come into full production in 2014 — 100 cars per year. Total investments amount to 400 million rubles. This project was created as a joint venture corporation "Russian Machines" and Terex Corporation.

On the basis of "ChSDM" localization assembly of dump trucks will be around 60%, and the quality will be greatly exceed BelAz machine. Load capacity Terex TR-100 is 100 tons, the technique can reach a maximum speed of 47.6 kilometers per hour. Maximum capacity of the body is 57 cubic meters.

According to Yuri Klepova, this production will breathe new life into the factory, the assembly of the new technique will work 300 workers, production volume will increase by several times.

Terex Corporation — Engineering Corporation, one of three world leaders, along with Komatsu and Caterpillar. It owns about 50 plants in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Terex products includes a wide range of machines and equipment for road building, mining, oil extraction, transport, processing industry, as well as utilities. It is marketed in more than 170 countries worldwide. Sales of the company according to the US GAAP for 2010 was $ 4.42 billion, net profit — $ 362.5 million Number of employees in 2010 exceeded 16 thousand people.

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