In Chelyabinsk, put into operation the first objects of ring-heat supply

The first stage of the program of the thermal banding Chelyabinsk — boilers and CHP combined into a single loop, which will efficiently redistribute heat.


November 23, Chelyabinsk company "Fortum" ring scheme was launched urban heating. The project is worth about 600 million rubles will reduce the cost of home heating, slow the growth of tariffs for heat and increase the reliability of supply.


About "The Ring" Company "UTSK" (subsidiary of JSC "Fortum") was announced two years ago. Energy promised to modernize the delivery system and the generation of heat, and set individual heating units (ITP), to automatically regulate the flow of heat in apartment buildings Chelyabinsk.

As the chief engineer of Chelyabinsk, Vladimir Kilensky heating systems, heat sources produce different amounts of energy, so in some areas there is a lack of heat. "The Ring", according to Kilenskogo help to efficiently redistribute heat.

Vladimir Kilensky said that now the main task of the company is to set the ITP. Need to install around 8,500 points, the cost of each varies from 400 to 800 thousand rubles.

The new heating pipeline, built under the project, from Chelyabinsk CHP-3 to networks ChSRPS length of 7.5 kilometers binds to the same circuit heating ChTEZ-3 and the North-West boiler. Also, with the new heat pump is included in the work with modern equipment.

At the opening ceremony of the First Vice-Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Sergei Komyakov said that in Chelyabinsk done a serious investment project that allows to ensure reliability of supply, improve the quality of the coolant, which is served in the homes of citizens. "We hope that the word that this will reduce the tariff burden for the population will be implemented, including modern technology," — said the first deputy governor.

Head of the Administration of Chelyabinsk Sergei Davydov sure that today's event affects all of Chelyabinsk. "We have a large heat sources," Fortum ", which have their own thermal ring — said the value of the" Ring "Sergei Davydov. — Each ring was localized and limited: in some areas there was a lack of heat in some excess. Was the question of the need to build additional heat sources, there was no question of reliability. Now all urban sources looped, there is no need to build additional power. This is a step to ensure that, at a minimum, did not grow up rates as high — reduced cost of using thermal energy. " The head of the administration said that a few years ago, city officials have stated that "Fortum" within the investment, in addition to the construction of the ring, will provide housing ITP. "We have signed an agreement that Chelyabinsk from the budget itself will change the boilers at the ITP, which will regulate the flow of heat and save substantially, — said the head of the administration. — This work has already begun, individual institutions established in the budget. "

General Director of JSC "Fortum" Alexander Chuvaev told reporters that the investment in the project "Ring" amounted to about 600 million rubles. "Now Chelyabinsk could be the most energy efficient city in Russia", — he added.

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