In Chelyabinsk, remodeled pool Builder

In Chelyabinsk, completes the reconstruction of the pool, "builder", where from 9 to 16 September will be the European Championship water polo for girls under 19 years of age.

Work is being done around the clock. Renovated entrance, replaced windows and doors, updated porch. The main pool basin laid out the new tiles. Above the chashoy completely replaced the lighting system, installed energy-saving lamps.

  • UPD: Championship started!
  • UPD: Championship started!

Completes installation of the stands for the spectators, renovated room under the doping control. Installed new sensory showers. Installation of ultra-precision timing system and video board will hold competitions in all water sports.

After the European Championship, renovated "Builder" will remain a public swimming pool. And the pricing of sports facilities will not change: since the pool is public, the prices will remain the lowest in the city.

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