In Cherkessia began collecting crossover Taiwanese Luxgen

The company "Laksdzhin Motor" announced the launch of serial assembly of the vehicle LUXGEN7 SUV Factory-partner DERWAYS Cherkessk during the ceremony, during which the first car to roll off the assembly line.

  Recall that the company "car company" Derveis "" has become a strategic partner of "Laksdzhin Motor" in Russia May 15, 2013, when an agreement was reached on a contract CKD-assembly SUV LUXGEN7 SUV. The agreement provides for the further expansion of the production area, as in the future LUXGEN plans to launch production of other models at the plant DERWAYS, in particular, LUXGEN5 Sedan.

New modern assembly line, which was launched at the plant is almost completely automated, consists of 34 stations, it served 90 people and build one car takes 1 day (8 hours). Older workers have been thirty-line training course in Taiwan in May 2013. In addition, experts Taiwanese factory LUXGEN, located in the central part of the island, in Miaoli County, supervise the work of Russian colleagues in all stages of preparation: the construction of an assembly line to build the car.

Product quality control and compliance with its high standards of LUXGEN Motor carried out at all stages of production (Welding, painting, assembly, maintenance, test line). Finished body parts that have passed 100% galvanized, first shipped from Taiwan by sea to Novorossiysk, and then by rail to Cherkessk.

Test Pattern SUV, assembled in Russia in July 2013, has shown excellent results in the test drive for Russian roads stretching 30,000 kilometers.

The planned capacity of the production line — 40 000 vehicles per year. By the end of 2013 DERWAYS plans to produce 450 cars a month.

At the launch ceremony was attended by the production line, senior vice president LUXGEN Motor Vincent Cao, president LUXGEN Motor in Russia Frank Wang and Vice President of Development, LLC "AK" Derveys "Alexander Romanov.

Plant DERWAYS became the third venue for LUXGEN car brand in the world along with the plant Corporation in Taiwan Yulon Group and the joint venture Dongfeng Yulon Group in China.

LUXGEN brand was created by Taiwanese corporation Yulon GROUP in 2008 with the purpose of integrating the development of Taiwan's IT industry in the automotive industry. LUXGEN — innovative automotive brand that represents a new generation of environmentally friendly intelligent transportation. Mid-size SUV LUXGEN7 SUV — the debut model of the brand in Russia. Home sales scheduled for September 9, 2013. Pre-orders, a record for a test drive and background information are available by calling the hotline 8-800-200-28-68. Further development of the range of models, including the presentation LUXGEN5 Sedan, scheduled for 2014.

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