In China, the lack of water and dust storms

In China, due to the lack of water affects 5 million chelovek.Na northern China due to the worst drought in nearly 5 million people are affected by a severe shortage of drinking water due to drought was also killed crops on more than 9 million hectares. Drought covered areas of the northeastern Jilin Province to Inner Mongolia. Authorities warned of a possible threat of water shortage in the provinces of Hunan and Hubei provinces in the south, which is also the weather is hot and little rain falls.


In China, 20 million people suffer from sand bur.Bolee 20 million people in five regions of China are suffering from the start of spring dust storms, reports the site "Chzhunsinshe." The first such a massive sandstorm this year began in China on Thursday. Wind high sand content was recorded in five Chinese provinces and regions: Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Shaanxi, and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. In total, according to meteorologists, sand storms raged in the area of more than one million square kilometers.


This is not the first time and not the first. Climatic disasters affected many countries. Desert continue the offensive. Floods in order. Energy reduction tends to increase the frequency and energy.

Community at a loss. The scientists — who are in it. Some shout in unison warming, the greenhouse gas emissions, melting glaciers, loss of polar bears, icebergs transport, and U.S. scientists have even developed a program to increase the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

The heat source in the world — the sun. The amount of heat received by the Earth, depends mainly on the distance from the Sun to the Earth. Affect more volcanic eruptions, but to decrease the amount of heat — polluting the atmosphere. Previously, this has led to periods of glaciation, but volcanic activity long ago is gone and the core of the Earth cools.

The greenhouse effect is long gone into oblivion — Research in Space reject it.

So what's the reason?

It all started at the time of descent to the moon's orbit around the Sun in orbit around the Earth. After much confusion about the origin of the moon, scientists have also found that it was a fact. As a result, the Earth's axis instantly turned a large angle relative to the plane of its rotation around the sun. This is recorded in all the ancient religious writings, to which all nations except for peoples living near the equator, the description of the Flood. Of course, it was not a flood, but a special kind of tsunami latitude. The entire water column, where it had not was, began to move. Everything living has felt a push. Survived the tsunami was impossible. Survived only ones that do not fall into the water stream.

What is now the Arctic Ocean and the permafrost on land, roughly flourishing life. This is evidenced by the oil and gas, and the remains of large herbivores. Large angle of the axis of rotation of the Earth has led to uneven heating of the surface — cooling and overheating polar surface at low latitudes. Centuries went by, and in the polar regions began to grow cold accumulators, and from the growing desert water is passed into the oceans of the world, the level of which was to rise, making it difficult for the river flow. This process has progressed.

To energy reduction is not described earlier form of the potential energy due to the difference in temperature of separate moving masses of air, water and steam are separated by parts conventionally confined space without seeking insurmountable obstacles or long distances between them to equalize the temperature and pressure of the flow of air, water, water vapor and precipitation, is converted to kinetic energy in the developing contact moving masses.

Climatic disasters expend this energy. Year to year is not similar. There may be temporary climatic anomalies.

Community, this phenomenon is not revealed. It is now clear that the problem lies in the fact that we should gradually return the Earth's axis to its original position.

Such a solution is found. It is the impact on the land anywhere in a relatively small force at the right time, in the right direction and the necessary duration of every day for several years. Any technical problems arise. The effect is cumulative. The method easy to implement and inexpensive. An application filed with Rospatent.

To reduce the global sea level should throw the water by gravity into the natural basin, the bottom of which is much below the level of the sea. This method is also time-consuming and relatively expensive.

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