In Chita opened Regional Cardiology Clinic

May 20, opened in Chita Regional Cardiology Clinic. On the equipment of the new health facilities have been allocated 68 million rubles.

The repair of the future clinic was allocated 12 million rubles under the modernization program of the regional public health. In addition, the purchase of equipment separately allocated 68.5 million rubles.

Among the modern medical equipment received by the clinic: ultrasound scanners expert class, cardio-respiratory complex "Inkart" laboratory equipment for clinical and biochemical studies.
"In our clinic structure has a number of offices. Department of outpatient plan, functional diagnostics, clinical diagnostic laboratory and a number of others, "- said at the opening ceremony, the Acting Minister of Health Michael Lazutkin.
In the clinic will be coordinated activities aimed at identifying individuals at high risk for cardiovascular events, predicted the risk of sudden cardiac death. In the future, you can create on the basis of Cardiology Clinic remote diagnostic center, which will help improve the provision of emergency and thus qualified cardiac care for all residents of areas of the province. For patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease will develop a customized program of preventive measures that could prevent or slow down the progression of the disease.
The first patients in the walls of the Regional Cardiology Clinic physicians are planning to take at the end of May — beginning of June, immediately after the establishment of the license for medical practice.

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