In Chuvashia another batch of new combine harvesters

On the eve of New Year in Chuvashia another batch of new combine harvesters from Rostov-on-Don. 4 cars brands «ACROS», 1 "Vector" and 1 "Field" were delivered to the base, LLC "Agrotehkomplekt" located in Cheboksary area. The other day, expected to arrive 3 harvesters brand "Don — 680."


Purchase another batch of combine harvesters, said the head of OOO "Agrotehkomplekt" Valery Gavrilov, managed to purchase due to short circuit provided "Rostselmash" New Year's Eve seasonal discounts. As you know, demand creates supply always. During harvesting significantly increased demand for range of combine harvesters, which leads to higher prices for cars.

Seasonal discounts already rushed to take advantage of JSC "Progress" Yalchiksky District, who purchased the brand harvester «ACROS». "Prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart folk wisdom, perhaps, will remain relevant for all times. Our farm, for example, prefers to buy the necessary agricultural equipment in the winter. During the field work prices for agricultural machinery greatly inflated and often have difficulties in their delivery " — Stressed the head farming Peter Skvortsov, Chuvashia urging farmers to purchase agricultural machinery needed for seasonal discounts.

Ltd. "Agrotehkomplekt" today is an active supplier of agricultural harvesting. Only in 2011 these farmers now Chuvashia was delivered and sold about 30 different types of harvesters (4 forage, 26 — grain). It should be noted, however, that in the midst of harvesting the last year in order to save time in early August harvesters were brought heavy vehicles — trailers. According to the director of "Agrotehkomplekt" Valery Gavrilov, this approach to work has allowed farmers to save 5 days. Rail travel combine harvesters from Rostov-on-Don in Chuvashia would come only after 7 days, and by then transport trailers could be completed within 2 days. Upon arrival in Chuvashia most harvesters almost trailers entered the battle for the harvest.

Today, LLC "Agrotehkomplekt" offers farmers Chuvashia virtually the entire range of short-circuit "Rostselmash", including forage.

Since 2012 the federal government assumed the cost of subsidizing costs (15%) for the purchase of agricultural machinery with a capacity of more than 350 horsepower. It is assumed that the objects of modernization will combine and propelled forage harvesters and tractors with 350 horsepower and above in operation for over 10 years.

However, analysts say Russia, with the launch of the program can be significantly increased and the selling prices of agricultural machinery. They also recommend not to delay the completion of the tractor fleet.

In total, according to the department of innovation, industry development and agriculture, agricultural producers of the Chuvash Republic in 2011 purchased 663 units. equipment for the total amount of 639 million rubles., including 45 combine harvesters.

Agricultural producers Vurnarskii district purchased 9 combine harvesters, Tsivilsky — 5, Poretsky — 4 Alikovsky — 4 Yalchiksky — 4.

At the same time, agricultural producers Alatyrsky, Kozlowski, Shemurshinsky, Shumerlinsky districts combine harvesters are not purchased.

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