In CSTS Dynamics created procedural simulator, part of a complex of training facilities for the Su-24 M

In CSTS "Dynamics" complete assembly procedural simulator, which is a working space Tanker Crew (VRME) of the Su-24M.
The complex is designed for tactical training of flight crews attack aircraft, training and retraining of pilots and technical staff, evaluate the effectiveness of the routine tasks in various conditions in the theater of war, the objective control of the level of training of students at the stages of theoretical and practical training. The main feature of the complex will be developed by the possibility of working together in a unified information-modeling environment with tactical simulators regiment command post and those of operational control.

This work was carried out as part of the creation of a complex of training facilities for the training of pilots and technical staff attack aircraft of the Navy shore-based on the Su-24M. The complex will include, in addition to VRME, integrated simulator crew and automated learning system for training and retraining of pilots and technical staff of the Su-24M.

The structure created VRME includes computational modeling complex, system units, monitors to simulate the dashboard, instrument panel and vnekabinnoy situation, joysticks, imitating RUS and throttle pedals, etc. In the workplace, the navigator set simulators real government in charge of the combat use of weapons, allowing the navigator during training to practice guidance and the use of complex weapons. At the request of the customer instead of the joysticks can be set simulators RUS and RUD made using the 3D scanner and 3D printer, exactly mimic the relevant authorities of the Su-24M.

Creating a complex simulator crew Su-24M, which is the main element of the generated complex of training facilities, is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2011.

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