In CVO complete equipment of all Su-24 with new computing subsystem SVP-24 Hephaestus

In the Central Military District completed all equipment bombers Su-24 new specialized computing subsystem SVP-24 "Hephaestus." SVP-24 includes the aiming devices, navigation and control.

Their use enhances the crew to search, enter the target, aiming and strikes, including in difficult weather conditions and low visibility. The new complex allows for the bombing of a free maneuver, without entering into the affected area object air defense means the imaginary enemy.

According to experts of the 2nd Air Force and Air Defense Command, "Hephaestus" in the course of combat application confirmed the declared parameters — more than 3-fold increased precision strikes Su-24M, the reliability of the sighting and navigation system, significantly increased the daily timing of combat flying.

The new equipment will be used during the flight and tactical exercises with the use of aircraft weapons, which the pilots will meet in the near future.

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