In January 2013 turnover of the port of Ust-Luga has grown 1.9 times

In January 2013, the stevedoring company Ust-Luga handled 4297 036.873 tons, which is 1.9 times more than in January last year. Total deliveries of cars has increased by 11.67% to 16,360 units.
Number of treated railcars in January of this year amounted to 41,933 units, up 10.4% over last year's figures.
Background: In 2012, in the port of Ust-Luga was handled 46,612 449.255 tons of cargo and 167,380 vehicles. It is planned that the output at full capacity, port capacity will increase to 180 million tons.

«Ust-Luga" continues the development of infrastructure Ust-Luga. A list of further actions required for the operation of port terminals, the timing of their implementation, socio-economic and environmental efficiency of implementation.
For the operation of the Northern district of the port is designing the station "Luga-General." Money for construction are provided in the investment program of OAO "Russian Railways". In addition, in the Northern area of the port of «Ust-Luga" start preparations for the design and construction of the second phase of in-port electrical networks (WEC) and the uniform system of drinking water supply (ESKHPV). The estimated minimum power engineering infrastructure should provide stable operation of terminals on the strict condition of the health, environmental, fire safety and other requirements. The baseline data for the design loads are developed based on the expressed needs of terminals, together with the technical specialists of JSC "Ust-Luga design and engineering company." Completed and design abstraction runoff of surface waters. The developed solutions related to the construction of production for the mouth section of the watercourse in the area of Cape Yugantovskogo and diversion of flow of surface water flows from the North of the port. «Ust-Luga" in talks with potential investors to establish new marine terminal in the northern part of the port. Therefore, phased construction of facilities in-port electrical networks and a unified system of public water supply is planned to conduct in view of the timing of commissioning of new transfer complexes. In the southern area of the port on the basis of the forecast increase in freight settlement, arriving by rail to the transshipment complexes and departing from the port offered gridiron station "Luga-South." For the development of turnover by 2015 there should additionally receive four ways that specialize in receiving and sending container routes and gear train two ways — for Multipurpose transshipment complex "Yug-2" and the Automobile and railway ferry complex (MRFC). By 2020 — six ways that specialize in receiving and sending container routes and gear trains, four ways — for MRFC and «Yug-2". Increasing the volume of rail traffic makes it necessary and construction of multi-level interchanges at the entrance to the South Port area. After all, today for the southern terminal output to the external road network is only possible with the railroad crossing at the same level. Thus, you need to enable smooth communication southern automotive terminals with external network of federal roads and beyond — the center of Russia. By order of «Ust-Luga Company" and JSC "Ust-Luga Container Terminal" option to create a developed transport network and includes a complex of three interchanges at various levels. Its author — JSC "Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Regional Development and Transportation."

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