In January and February 2013 sales of vodka plummeted by 20%

During the first two months of this year, retail sales of vodka fell by 20%. Retailers warned suppliers that they would review the range and will leave on sale only bestsellers.

In some regions, particularly in Ryazan, sales decline also affected wine production.

Alcohol market participants believe that this is due to the fact that Rosalkogolregulirovanie increased the minimum retail price (MRP) of vodka in 2013 (170 rub. Per 0.5 liter bottle). It is more than 30% higher than last year, is 125 rubles.

Rosalkogolregulirovanie, in turn, said that the increase was due to higher MRC vodka excise tax on the initiative of the Ministry of Finance.   

Also, according to…0320/761926896.htmlin January-February production of vodka in Russia decreased by 27.7% compared to the previous year, beer — by 11.6%. Brandy production in February fell by 10.3% compared to the same month last year — to 544,000 dal, table wines — 8%, to 2.6 million dal.
Cigarette production in February fell by 1.1% YoY, reaching 24.9 million units.

Issue carbonated natural mineral water has increased by 4.8% to 126 million half-liters.

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