In joyful anticipation of the light

October 14, 2012 4:40

— Vsevolod Mikhailovich, — I said, coming up to the Professor — my colleagues think you are crazy.

— Why? — He asked in surprise.

— Because scientists have proved that life after death — an illusion.

— Scientists at the time a lot of things have proved. Galileo, for example, called the theory of planetary motion Kepler's "occult fantasy", Rutherford did not admit the possibility of the practical use of nuclear energy, as Edison — the possibility of using the technique of alternating current. Edison — and this backwardness! What are you, then their colleagues want?

So said the doctor of technical sciences, professor at the Geophysical Institute of the methods of oil and gas exploration, Vsevolod Mikhailovich Zaporozhets.

Named professor — VEMZ. It's not even a nickname, a secret acronym, born from the name in the days when it was still a novice spiritologu not fazed by public opinion. It was under this name he is known in the world of spiritualists, and not as a Distinguished Professor of official science.

Now a professor at a hundred, but many of fifty are much worse. Situation professorial rooms not exactly modest, but some sensible, nothing fussy — a massive desk, lamp, and it is not the employed chandelier with candles, a magnifying glass to be able to read weakened eyes. A few chairs in the room, a crucifix on the wall — someone's gift, enlarger in the corner … Stop! What is this?

— This mediumoskop professor Gera — says VEMZ. — There was a scientist. I copied from a book. It instead of the traditional use of the saucer …

Zaporozhets … — scientist and geophysicist, and up to 70 years remained committed to scientific materialism and convinced atheist. Now a professor is confident the reality of life after death. Moreover, I think that proved it scientifically, and ensures everyone who will repeat his experiments, the same confidence. Scientific expertise needed for a circle with alphabetic letters, saucer (better mediumoskop) yes gifted psychic.

For more than ten years of research conducted 460 sessions professor, records are stored in the form he scribbled plump shared notebooks. Wrote and published the book "The contours of the universe" is 500 pages thick — a brief history of spiritualism, explaining the main spiritualist concepts drawing mediumoskopa and most importantly — a description of methods of proof of the reality of life after death.

— Do you really believe that the life of the person with the death of the body does not stop? — I asked, personally interested in the affirmative. — And how are you, a Soviet scientist, engaged in such a non-serious, from the point of view of mainstream science, things? Even I had to take a pseudonym. Just some underground …
— Led me to this topic misfortune. I'm a staunch atheist. And now this. But … my wife died. I am very homesick. He remembered that he had read in my youth some books, which refers to the spirits of the afterlife … and I had an idea: maybe there is some truth? Again, I started reading about it. The more I read, the more convinced that everything is very easy. I'm fifteen hundred volumes of Lenin Library not just read and studied. For me, the library subscribes to additional books from the UK, in particular, all the works of Arthur Conan Doyle on parapsychology. Then I started to experiment and studied them for fifteen years. All the people who have studied closely and seriously questions spiritualism, became convinced of the reality of existence after death. But the method of proof no one could work out. And I found it, it is a "method phased restriction of mediumship."

— And what can you say about the "world of those who go down?" — I asked, using the terminology of Professor. — How do they live there?
— First, those who go down the world — a product of the materialization of their desires, so it is similar to Earth, and even better than him. Most of them are in the young and beautiful appearance. They feel just as real as the inhabitants of the earth are aware of their physicality and are able to enjoy life. Clothing formed thoughts and wishes those who go down, perhaps not consciously. Love and affection there is stored or regaining, but lack of sexuality, although different from friendship. Births not. Life-sustaining feeding is not required, but for fun or to eradicating the earth habits those who go down some tasty meal eat mostly fruits, which are abundant and beautiful as the flowers …

— Something all too rosy. It does not happen.

— Well, no wonder Aldous Huxley believed that the posthumous fate of every match his beliefs: Christian lives a life of sin and its corresponding waiting Judgment; reincarnated Buddhist, the average person lives the way it describes the mediumship, militant atheist plunged into nothing … That is going " Sorting. " Moreover, the very spirits may overestimate their state. For example, during the first three years of dealing with me the spirit of Jack berated his life: "… in X live. I wish to heaven. " But three years later he had other sentiments: "In heaven do not want to die of boredom there. I want to land, there is fun. "

Spirits tend to give advice to the living. They do not need sleep. But can use our senses — smell, taste, but only through the medium …

— People about a fifth of my academic books are not read, — complains to me professor. — Because there is a formula terms. It is written entirely easy, but nonmathematician still hard to read it. I actually for the first time in the world have developed a method unambiguous evidence of life after death. Modern science has accustomed us to the idea that the basis of all matter is energy start. It is possible that this is the beginning may be the same for all types of physical forces acting on a real plan — gravity, electromagnetism, the weak and strong interactions.

— And suddenly in the physical science can provide people immortality? What then will do the mediums?

— I would not be surprised if the physical immortality will soon become a reality. But it makes little difference. You see, the facts that I have seen, let me clarify certain features of the universe. Multifaceted universe, and, in a real plan, a plan mental. In the real world, it is manifested in the form of thoughts, desires, will, in the form of our inner world and the world as a post-mortem. If you implement the immortality of the physical world, then simply distancing your natural transition to a new life plan. It does not change anything, only made matters worse, because to live is still annoying, trust me. Instead of the diversity of life you reduce it to the monotonous repetition. Death — a quality to a new level.

— And be able to right now, here, demonstrate expertise?

— No, I am not able to conduct an experiment, because I myself do not have mediumship. I now only have one medium, a woman in her arms a child, she lived in the suburbs, working, my husband is not the mother is sick, it is difficult, even unbearable to be selected for these studies. True, and no medium can be made collective sessions. When the session is shared, the weak mediumistic abilities are added. Then ordinary people can make sense. But this requires that the group was not "buzoterov" skeptics …

— Why is that? Indeed, to test, say, Archimedes does not need special conditions, special people, neskeptikov …

— Nonsense this silly talk. If verification of the same law of Archimedes will be a man splashing water, there throwing different objects, also did not work. Each experiment requires a methodology for. To check the physical law must exclude interference in the physical, mental to test — on mental … Understand, it's not just my imagination. Canadian scientists, for example, have done this kind of work: set the task to create a psychological human nature, if you will, the spirit, the so-called "spirit of the circle." They picked eight non-mediumship, specially selected people neodarennyh in this regard that there is no doubt, then, and going regularly for several months, working a few hours a day. They developed a biography of some imaginary entity, provisionally named it Phillip, suggested that he inhabitant of the Middle Ages, it created a set of ideas … and guess what? Indeed there was such an entity that has to communicate with them, to talk about various events in his life …

Vsevolod Mikhailovich, and my wife and I could talk to you?

— Yes. She is very good there. She also, as here, dancing: life because there is organized the impulses of those who go down, so it is — skolok our lives. She has a lot of work out there, I do not often because of this it can not communicate. But you do not think she's waiting for me … I have all my dear people already in the other world, so I'm also looking forward to seeing them. All the time I am in eager anticipation and joyful …

on the topic:

The man who stepped over the horizon

It is often interesting and famous people are recognized only after his death. And when there is a desire to understand, what the characteristics of their nature and destiny are connected by their accomplishments, what events led them to engage in "non-standard" work and how they have achieved success, it is necessary to use the scraps of memories, and much remains unknown. The person referred to here tells more of us [i]. I am able to watch it, talk to him, get his answers to various questions.

Vsevolod Mikhailovich Zaporozhets first strictly scientifically proven the existence of human consciousness after death and gave an idea of its main features. The existence of the afterlife is recognized by most religions, but they argue the arguments of faith, not knowledge. Vsevolod Mikhailovich developed a procedure that gives everyone concerned the opportunity to make sure that life after death does exist. He, again, for the first time, linked the data obtained on the afterlife with traditional science. This approach has led him to a new interpretation of quantum mechanics, relativity, gravitation and other important branches of science. All this he thoroughly yet popularly described in the book "Paths of the Universe", published by "Skorina" in 1994, and prepared for publication in the book "Principles of Natural History."

Vsevolod Mikhailovich was born in 1908 in St. Petersburg, "class-alien" environment. In his veins flows the Russian, French, Polish, Ukrainian and English blood. He learned to read at five years and avidly read since childhood. Aunt mother, the owner of an extensive library of books supplied to the natural science content, fiction and separate editions of the "unknown" and "mysterious." They often lively conversation on various topics, mostly on science news, science issues, life and death. Grafted in those early years curiosity he retained until retirement.

It was time to go to college. Vsevolod Mikhailovich successfully passed examinations in the two institutions, but it will not adopted the "social status" — take only the working class. The following year, there was a decision — be sure to take a second passed in this university. He fulfilled a requirement, but it still was not accepted for the same reason. Then the father finally remembered his childhood friend Mezhlauk — Chairman of the CPC of the USSR. He turned to him, and a short note was enough for admission of the year. (Shot Mezhlauk year later — what luck!)

In the Mining Institute, where Vsevolod Mikhailovich entered, at that time introduce "brigade method", the essence of which was that he taught and handed someone one of the "team" and put all the credit. Vsevolod Mikhailovich always been this "one" and therefore made some knowledge from the university.

Engineers then had a great lack of — was industrialization. Therefore, graduates had to assign a responsible job. Vsevolod Mikhailovich after graduation went to leading a small expedition to Lake Baikal. About this time, he says: "Because of midges field work conducted in the fall and winter. What a beauty! Go out in the morning naked on the porch — everything around is white, powdery snow sparkles and beckons him to dive. A landlady girl ran out with buckets, break the ice in a bucket and pour you squeal scoop water. But it seems after the snow warm! Good! "

At first, the transport expeditions were horses, camels rarely. Vsevolod Mikhailovich soon learned to ride, in 6-7 years, he had his own riding horse "Red-footed Falcon." But after 2-3 years in Rostov-on-Don, he asked to have the troopers standing in their front yard, "ride." And just sat in the saddle, I realized that riding is not able. Realized this and the horse, and went across the yard to their needs. And in the yard were stretched rope for drying clothes, and on one of them he hung in shame. But in the expedition, all recovered. Vsevolod Mikhailovich recalls: "What the horse did not have to go! There were small tireless shaggy Mongolian horses, and Russian horse, and lovely Kabardian and Turkmen horses. But then came the prosaic era cars — and polutorok trehtonok. "

He traveled with expeditions all over the country: the Caucasus, Central Asia, Siberia and the Far East. And closer to the war had to do work in the oil fields.

After some time, began to develop an alarming situation. There was a time of repression. In Moscow, unjustly arrested many of his friends and colleagues, who later died. And at oil came to him and his colleague S. said: "Vsevolod Mikhailovich, NKVD forces me to write to you denunciations, and I do not know what to write. Let's write together. " They began to write in the evenings. Denunciations were taken at LBS for mystery in the woods. After a while, Vsevolod Mikhailovich with the same officer came, S., and they began writing together. (Affecting the trust and respect of employees Vsevolod Mikhailovich. Revealing to him, they went to a huge risk.) But I felt that it would all end badly. Spas call the graduate school in Leningrad. In general, moving from one place to save it from the usual fate — camps.

Work in Leningrad was broken, barely begun — the war came. Vsevolod Mikhailovich was released from the call and sent an expedition to the Middle Volga look for oil and gas. The war raged on only when Moscow was established Institute of Geophysical Exploration, and Vsevolod Mikhailovich attracted to his work. Following a period of thirteen years of production work followed by thirty-three research period, which lasted until his retirement.

He defended his thesis and dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences, received the title of professor. Vsevolod Mikhailovich owns many inventions, scientific articles and several books. Essentially, that he was engaged in geophysical prospecting using the latest scientific advances. This has led to the need to master a number of areas of science, far from its core competence, broaden my horizons, develop the ability to grasp the essence of new questions for him and sift secondary. Over the years, it has increased the tendency to think critically and distrust of authority. In parallel with the main work he has worked for more than fifteen years the scientific editor of a refereed journal in its field, which taught him not to be afraid of foreign languages and especially to articulate their thoughts.

At the age of seventy years, Vsevolod Mikhailovich retired, and followed not the time to rest, as you might expect, and twenty years of the most intensive research, without which there would be no reason to write this article.

Began the period with a terrible blow — died his beloved wife. Vsevolod Mikhailovich and now can not talk about this without great excitement. She was charming. And not only externally. Around it was warm and light. When someone enters the apartment, I immediately felt at home when she — exuded warmth, as if burning fireplace, but spiritual.

Life faded to Vsevolod Mikhailovich. But zateplilos timid question: "Is this beautiful creature will disappear without a trace? What if? .. "Vsevolod Mikhailovich up in atheism, incapable of unproven belief. But then he remembered the books he read in his youth, and that speak of the afterlife. After all, if there is life after death, then death is not permanent loss of his wife, and the temporary separation, front connection, what happiness! However, the information was vague and indefinite, and Vsevolod Mikhailovich decided to look into this as it is accepted in science and was his habit.

He first began to study the experience of the predecessors — reading articles about the afterlife (this area of knowledge is called "psychism"). This literature in the library were mountains. In his book "The contours of the universe" Vsevolod Mikhailovich leads over 1,500 items of such publications, and it was only available to him some.

Reading the literature, he found that all seriously studied this question came to the conclusion that there is life after death and that communicate with the departed to another world is possible, but objective evidence failed to establish a decisive experience and techniques not found. Participant experience that convinced that he had spoken with his close departed person, confirming a reality for themselves posthumous existence of human consciousness. However, to conclusively prove this captious critics (and there was in excess), self-belief is not enough. Against the existence of the afterlife have argued are often more fantastic than the posthumous life. But deny that they can be, just based on the facts. Man, harmless to the research firm response from the past could not get.

Described in the literature of many experiments indicated that the departed to the other world retain their minds, but because they do not have ears, eyes, vocal apparatus, hands, chat with them as ordinary people can not. But consciousness departed can connect to the minds of living people, and the senses, voice box, his hands some of them temporarily use for communication. People who have this ability — provide a means of communication with the departed — called mediums. Through them and try to communicate with the consciousness of the deceased person.

This raises the first difficulty. Communication is a unified consciousness departed and the medium, and must learn to allocate what comes from it departed.

Another difficulty is that the "link" from the departed is available not only a desirable companion. As the world departed fools, no less than among the living (that is a huge number), it is very common to run into a joke, hoax, hoax. It is therefore necessary to establish a "personally" interlocutor, asking quiz.

Along with the study of literature began experiments. There were two ways of carrying out — to organize a circle of constant composition for systematic mediumistic action or find enough gifted mediums. Classes on the first version is not very supportive of us at the time, and make them failed. But at the same time a friend of Vsevolod Mikhailovich heard that from a friend of his friend's "good running saucer." It could invite. Came just a very pretty woman. Sitting down at the table, Vsevolod Mikhailovich questioned: "Do you think we will?". "Oh, my, what Sasha Pushkin and Sergei Yesenin necessarily come," — she said cheerfully. Indeed, immediately began vigorous movement saucers, sometimes without the touch of her hand (psychokinesis), and declared himself "Alexander Pushkin". "It's really your name?" — Said Vsevolod Mikhailovich. "No, of course" — honestly, "Pushkin." "What is your name? '. "Jack."

"Jack" was a frequent guest in the experiments with other mediums. Later she learned that he appears in the experiments unfamiliar Vsevolod Mikhailovich researchers in other cities, not only in Moscow. "Jack," that he was a "supervisor". "I am security officer with God, — he said. — You want to steal the secrets of God, and I will not give you. " He is a curious person, you can read about it in this book.

Search mediums was a difficult task, but Vsevolod Mikhailovich was able to solve it. For several years in his experiments involving more than fifty mediums.

The scientific research is like detective. And here and there goal — the truth, and the way to find it is often unclear and confusing. As you know, in science evidence of the "I can assure you," are not accepted. We need to find such evidence, which could check any doubt and see for yourself. Vsevolod Mikhailovich developed a repeatable methodology for proof of the existence of human consciousness after death, which he called — "Method of establishing himself communicating phased manner restrictions mediumship" and which was described in his book. Many times to repeat the study using this technique, he removed all the currently known valid objections to the existence of the afterlife.

For twenty years, Vsevolod Mikhailovich make contact and prolonged contact with many of the inhabitants of the world, including his wife. Death was presented to him and his companions, not as frightening step into nothingness, but as a welcome connection with loved ones, were the only wealth, acquired over a lifetime. Confidence in the short duration of the separation from their smoothed grief and brighten lives. All this was achieved in the relentless work to identify the truth and demanded Vsevolod Mikhailovich entire amount of skills and abilities developed in him a previous life.

But as soon as there was a confidence in the post-mortem existence of our consciousness, the natural question arose: how data psychism can change conventional notions about the world? Revision of these representations contained in the fifth part of the book "The contours of the universe" and the book "Principles of Natural Science," leads to a breakdown of the foundations of modern physics and cosmology. This part of the creative VM plows still waiting for a detailed assessment of experts.

The most useful result of research VM plows I think they found the existence of objective evidence of the afterlife, which will give support and comfort to many people who have lost their loved ones, including non-religious people.

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