In Jurga (Kemerovo region) launched a training module dairy plant

As the deputy governor E.L.Rudneva, in April this year at the enlarged meeting of the Board of Administration of the Kemerovo region governor had decided to purchase a modular dairy complex.
From the regional budget was allocated 4.5 million rubles. More than 1.5 million rubles allocated an educational institution.


Production educational facilities yurginskogo college of agricultural technologies and services is very popular among the residents of the city Jurga, and launch a modular dairy unit enables the modern requirements for implementation and quality of milk and dairy products.

Academic performance modular dairy unit: 1 ton of milk and sour cream in a day. It is planned to produce cheese. Milk comes with a part-time farm school. Then it passes through a special treatment. Products are available in their original packaging. And will be sold at discounted prices to 2-3 rubles in kindergartens and schools. And also in the shops of the city, making competition MOLZAVOD from other regions.
Before college students yurginskogo agro practical work on the farm. Raw milk was realized. Now they have the opportunity to study a complete industrial chain from milking to dairy processing, releasing it in a small dairy plant, equipped with modern facilities and private laboratories.
As the deputy governor E.L.Rudneva, similar training module dairy complexes in Siberia — units.
For educational institutions the introduction of the modular dairy complex opens up new prospects for the development of the industrial capacity, which will significantly expand the range of qualified professionals agricultural district and the region.
Mini Dairies, opened at Yurginsky college agricultural technologies, will significantly expand the range of qualified professionals agricultural district and the region, to strengthen the training facilities of the institution and provide residents Jurga quality natural products.

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